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Pump It Up

I visited the Tempe location of Pump It Up. It's an indoor, air-conditioned play area for kids with large inflatables for bouncing, sliding and physical fun. While some of the inflatables are rather traditional, others have challenges and games or challenges built into them such that all kids, little ones and bigger ones (and even adults) can have a good time here. The Tempe location has some activities and games in addition to the inflatables, for those times when a short break from bouncing is in order.

On the day I visited the Tempe Pump It Up was having Pop-In Playtime and most of the guests were kids between the ages of about 3 and 8 with their mommies. They were bundles of energy, jumping, bouncing, sliding and ball playing. Some parents just watched, while others joined their children in the fun. Can older kids have a good time at Pump It Up? They certainly can and do at parties where you can customize the experience.

All locations offer parties, which is the core of the Pump It Up business. Pizza, drinks, ice cream balloons and goodie bags may be arranged. You may bring your own cake or add it to your order. Invitations and party supplies are provided. Party Experiences add another dimension. With the Party Experience a theme is added to the party and kids participate in treasure hunts, playacting or special music/lighting. Each location has different packages available, for parties between 10 and 26 people.

Some Pump It Up locations offer Field Trips for groups. Your school, camp, church group or any group of 15 or more children can arrange for a private session for between one and two hours.

All dates, times, prices and offerings are subject to change without notice.

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Who Should Go to Pump It Up?

Who Should Go to Pump It Up

Judy Hedding

In general, Pump It Up pop-in play is probably best enjoyed by kids from about age two to ten, and each location has age recommendations or restrictions. What about the parents? They can -- and are highly encouraged to -- bounce, slide and play with their kids. Some locations of Pump It Up have separate days and/or times for family jumping.

Ages for Pop-In Playtime

  • Tempe: any age
  • Scottsdale: 2 - 6
  • Phoenix: 7 - 10
  • Arrowhead (Peoria): specific sessions for 2-6 and 7-10

For parties, field trips and camps, the age group expands. For instance, in Tempe some of the inflatables are steeper or more challenging, making them fun for older kids and teens.

Ten Things To Know About Pump It Up

  1. All children must be accompanied by an adult; there are no drop-off services.
  2. Everyone who jumps must wear socks.
  3. Everyone who jumps must sign a waiver every time for pop-in play. Save some time! You can print and complete your waiver at home and bring it with you.
  4. The types of inflatables will vary from location to location.
  5. Typically, jumping sessions are broken down into 45-minute sessions. Kids may switch to different inflatables at the break. Some locations may limit pop-in play to 1-1/2 hours. In Tempe,, which has longer pop-in play hours than other locations, you may stay and play for as long as you'd like. Keep in mind that the kids will probably be worn out after a couple of hours!
  6. Because there are timed sessions, some locations might ask guests to wait until the next session starts. In Tempe, you can arrive at any time and start in the middle of a session, but you should check with your preferred location to see their policy.
  7. The hours for pop-in play will vary from location to location. Special programs, parties, evening events and camps may be offered by individual locations.
  8. Pump It Up locations may also have other activities for kids who want to take a break from jumping. There may be games, some of which are intended to incorporate creativity with activity.
  9. Staff is on hand to ensure everyone's safety, as well as to make sure that all the kids are having a good time and are engaged in activity. Parents are responsible for supervising their children.
  10. There is a sitting area for parents, but no full service snack bar or beverage service. Some locations, like Tempe, have WiFi.

In general, franchises are given quite a bit of flexibility on their offerings and policies. I highly recommend contacting your preferred location if you have questions about hours, special programs, WiFi and age restrictions.

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All dates, times, prices and offerings are subject to change without notice.

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Location, Hours, Cost

Pump It Up Locations and Pricing

Judy Hedding

I visited the Pump It Up in Tempe, which is the corporate location. Pump It Up has three locations in the Greater Phoenix area. The locations other than Tempe are franchises, and have different hours and prices.

How to Find Pump It Up

Pump It Up Tempe Address:
1325 West Auto Drive, Suite 101
Tempe, AZ 85284

Pump It Up Tempe Phone:

Pump It Up Tempe Online

Pump it Up Tempe is between Elliot Rd and Warner Road, east of Priest. Take I-10 and exit at either Elliot or Warner. drive east to Priest and then either south from Elliot or north from Warner to W. Auto Drive. Turn east. Follow Auto Drive around until you come to Pump It Up, on your right. There is additional parking the back of the building.

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Pump It Up Peoria Address:
14131 N. Rio Vista Blvd., Suite 5
Peoria, AZ 85381

Pump It Up Peoria Phone:

Pump It Up Peoria Online

Pump it Up Arrowhead is north of Thunderbird and west of the Loop 101. Take the Agua Fria Freeway Loop 101 to the Thunderbird exit. Drive west to Rio Vista Blvd and turn right (north). Pump it Up will be on the right.

- - - - - -

Pump It Up Scottsdale Address:
9378 E. Bahia Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Pump It Up Scottsdale Phone:

Pump It Up Scottsdale Online

Pump it Up Scottsdale is south of Bell Road and west of 94th Street. From the Pima Freeway Loop 101 exit at Frank Lloyd Wright, cross Frank Lloyd Wright and make a right onto Bell (2nd light). Pass 92nd Street and turn right after the Alltel Ice Den. Pump it Up will be on the left.

How Much it Costs to Bounce at Pump It Up

Each location of Pump It Up has different prices. Pop-In Playtime prices are generally in the $8 - $10 range plus tax (June 2013). Parents play for free and must accompany the child. There are no drop-off services at Pump It Up.

When is Pump It Up Open for Pop-In Play?

Tempe: Monday through Friday
Scottsdale: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
Arrowhead (Peoria): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

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All dates, times, prices and offerings are subject to change without notice.

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