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Pictures of Puerto Rico reveal a romantic island where the white sands beckon and palm trees sway. Puerto Rico welcomes couples in its Spanish accent and proceeds to seduce. Scroll through these pictures to view the must-see sights of Puerto Rico, from sizzling San Juan to remote Vieques.

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Puerto Rico and American Flag

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Flag of Puerto Rico (center) flanked by the Spanish Cross flag (left) and the American flag of the United States.

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Puerto Rico Beach

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Rimmed by sand, the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico entices visitors with picture-pretty beaches in many locations.

The further one travels from San Juan, the more likely one will encounter an uncrowded beach in Puerto Rico.

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El Morro Fort in Old San Juan

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El Morro fort, at the tip of Old San Juan, was built between 1540-1783 to prevent sea-faring enemies from conquering the island of Puerto Rico.

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Old San Juan

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The colorful, low-rise buildings of Old San Juan in Puerto Rico are a well-preserved historic treasure.

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Puerto Rico Casino

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Casino gambling is one of the features that attracts couples to Puerto Rico.

See a list of the top San Juan Casino Hotels.

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Puerto Rico Honeymoon Couple

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The warm climate, plentiful beaches, luxury hotels, casinos, natural attractions, and frequent flights make Puerto Rico a favorite destination for a honeymoon.

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Isla Verde

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Seen from the sky, Isla Verde features a cluster of high-rise hotels and residences that line a wide, beautiful stretch of beach.

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Mouse Island

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Named for its tiny size, Mouse Island in Puerto Rico is located off the Joyuda Coast in Cabo Rojo and is open to the public.

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La Parguera Diving

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A mecca for snorkelers and skin divers, La Parguera reveals a vivid underwater life.

La Parguera is close to Puerto Rico's Bioluminescent Bay, another natural wonder not to be missed on a visit.

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El Yunque

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El Yunque is the only tropical rain forest in the U.S. National Forest system.

Hot and steamy El Yunque redeems itself with multiple waterfalls for visitors to refresh themselves in.

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Rio Camuy Cave Park

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Cool and eerie, Rio Camuy is a massive underground area with caves, caverns, and an underground river. It's so vast that a trolley runs through it.

Find out more about Rio Camuy Cave Park.

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Arecibo Observatory

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Dish at Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, home to the largest radio telescope in the world.

Movie fans will recognize the setting from the film Contact, starring Jodie Foster.

Find out more about the Arecibo Observatory.

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Lelolai Festival

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Through music and dance, the performers in Puerto Rico's Le Lo Lai Festival communicate the culture of the island people and their heritage.

Find out more about the Lelolai Festival.

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Panama Hats

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Beach Wedding

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Beach weddings are popular in Puerto Rico and as in the rest of the United States there are few impediments for heterosexual couples to marry.

Find out what the Puerto Rico Marriage License Requirements are.

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Old San Juan Wedding

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For the best wedding pictures, head for Old San Juan in Puerto Rico. El Morro fort to the cobblestone streets, the settings are unforgettably romantic.

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A scenic island off the coast of Puerto Rico, Vieques was used by the U.S. Navy to test bombs until 2003.

Vieques is now a national wildlife refuge.

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Kayaking in Puerto Rico

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The warm, calm waters surrounding Puerto Rico are ideal for kayaking.

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Plaza las Americas Mall

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The vast Plaza las Americas mall is the largest in the Caribbean. It is home to the largest KMart in the islands and the biggest JCPenney store in the world.

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

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El Morro fort at the tip of San Juan is the area's most distinguishing characteristic from the sky.

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