Puerto Rico Lifts COVID Restrictions for Domestic Visitors. Here's What to Know

Traveling to the Caribbean island just got a lot easier

Buildings on the coast of San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Planning a Puerto Rico getaway just got a lot easier: the Caribbean island has eased local COVID-19 restrictions for domestic travelers, per executive order.

Starting today, March 10, all domestic travelers flying to Puerto Rico will no longer be required to provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test before departure. The Travel Declaration Form online portal—where visitors would upload their vaccination card and test results pre-flight—is also being done away with, according to the island's official tourism website, Discover Puerto Rico.

Along with the new entry protocols, the U.S. territory has announced that hotels, paradores, guesthouses, short-term rentals, and other businesses cannot require customers to be vaccinated or present a negative COVID test to enter. Puerto Rico's mask mandate, too, has been lifted. However, individual businesses can still institute COVID protocols, including masking and vaccination requirements, if they wish.

"Traveling to Puerto Rico is becoming easier as the Island continues to lead vaccination efforts and contagion rates continue to decrease,'' Brad Dean, CEO of Discover Puerto Rico, said in a statement. "[The] announcement lifting entry requirements for domestic travelers and reducing restrictions on island, will bring a new travel experience to those visiting. As the pandemic evolves, so will our efforts surrounding the health and safety of visitors and residents."

Although domestic travelers will have an easier time entering the U.S. territory, those arriving via international flight will still be required to present proof of vaccination and a negative COVID-19 test, taken within one day of departure.

Puerto Rico is just one of the latest destinations to lift COVID restrictions; on Monday, Indonesia dropped Bali's quarantine mandate for international travelers. On March 15, Vietnam will reopen its borders to foreign tourists.

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