Puerto Rico Airports

San Juan is not the only city in Puerto Rico with air access

Airport and ferry terminals. San Juan, Puerto Rico.
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Puerto Rico is an easy tropical destination to reach from most points in the continental United States, and for Americans, no passport is required.​ The main island is just over 3,500 square miles, considered the smallest of the Greater Antilles.​​

If you're planning to travel to Puerto Rico, it's a good idea to know a little about your destination before you decide which airport to use. While most travelers from the American mainland fly into the capital city of San Juan, there are several other, smaller destinations that have commercial air access as well.

Here's a list of several of Puerto Rico's airports, with a few details about each one. Use it to book a flight to the city that's most convenient to your destination.

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Luis Munoz Marin International Airport, San Juan

San Juan airport
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Luis Munoz Marin International Airport in San Juan is the busiest airport in the Caribbean, a major hub for American Airlines, and a gateway for flights to many other Caribbean islands. According to Federal Aviation Administration figures, some 4 million passengers annually pass through its gates.

This is the airport that most commercial American flights use to reach Puerto, and is the best option if you're visiting San Juan. 

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Rafael Hernandez Airport, Aguadilla

Crash Boat Beach Aguadilla

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A former military base, this airport serves the city of Aguadilla on Puerto Rico's northwest coast, the gateway to the emerging Porta del Sol tourist district. This former military base is the second-largest airport in Puerto Rico and is named for composer Rafael Hernandez Marin. 

If you're visiting Puerto Rico's western coast, this airport is a good option ​and is served by United, Jet Blue and Spirit Airlines with direct flights from New York City airports. 

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Mercedita International Airport, Ponce

Resort at Ponce
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Mercedita is the main airport for Puerto Rico's second-largest city of Ponce and has direct service from New York and Orlando on JetBlue Airways. Ponce is the most populated Puerto Rican city outside of the San Juan metro area 

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Antonio Rivera Rodriguez Airport, Vieques

Green beach, Vieques

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Antonio Rivera Rodríguez Airport is the main airport for the Puerto Rican island of Vieques, a popular tourist destination and home to one of the commonwealth's two bioluminescent bays. Part of the chain known as the Spanish Virgin Islands, Vieques sits off the eastern coast of the main island of Puerto Rico.

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Eugenio Maria De Hostos Airport, Mayaguez

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Located in Mayaguez on Puerto Rico's central west coast, Eugenio Maria De Hostos Airport offers easy access to the Rincon tourism area, including some of Puerto Rico's best beaches. Although it does have commercial service, Eugenie Maria de Hostos is not considered a primary airport.

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Jose Aponte de la Torre Airport, Ceiba

Opened in November 2008, this airport near Ceiba (not to be confused with the city in the Central American country of Honduras) is located at the old Roosevelt Roads Naval Base outside of Fajardo on Puerto Rico's east coast. It's a testing ground for the Google Loon project, which would provide internet service via hot air balloons.

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Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci (Isla Grande), San Juan

Isle Grande is a secondary airport close to downtown San Juan that is used by some regional and commuter airlines. It serves as a secondary option to the crowded Luz Munoz Marin airport, which replaced Isla Grande as Puerto Rico's largest airport in 1954.

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Benjamín Rivera Noriega Airport, Culebra

Beautiful flamingo beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico
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This one-runway airport on the island of Culebra does not offer international service but does have commercial flights to San Juan's airports.

Noriega Airport is considered difficult to approach for many pilots (and in fact is considered a good place to practice flying skills) since there's a large mountain just north of the end of the runway. It's considered unsuitable for most jet aircraft, so most commercial flights are smaller propeller airplanes.