Pueblo Grande Museum in Phoenix, AZ

Pueblo Grande Museum

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The Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park is near downtown Phoenix, Arizona.It is a very unique place where you can visit the actual site of an ancient Hohokam village.

A Phoenix Point of Pride, the Pueblo Grande Museum is located at 46th Street and Washington. Easily accessible by METRO light rail, it also makes for an interesting and easy-to-get-to visit not only for locals, but also for travelers who have a few hours to spend on long layovers at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

Walk around the meticulously maintained archaeological site, and learn about the ancient Arizonans who inhabited it.

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All Ages Can Visit

Pueblo Grande Museum
Judy Hedding

There are exhibits for all ages at the Pueblo Grande Museum.

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Indoor Galleries

Pueblo Grande Museum
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If you have a group, you can arrange in advance to have a volunteer provide a guided tour. Otherwise, you can pick up a pamphlet at the front desk and take a self-guided tour of the museum.

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Dig It!

Pueblo Grande Museum
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One of the galleries provides a visual explanation to people of all ages how archeological digs are conducted.

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History of Our Ancient Lands

Pueblo Grande Museum
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Why did the Hohokam build a community here? What happened to them? In this gallery you'll get some -- but not all -- of those answers.

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The Salt River

Pueblo Grande Museum
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The Salt River (Rio Salado) was a major factor in the development of the people and the land of the Valley in which we live.

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Take It Outside

Pueblo Grande Museum
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After you've seen the gallery exhibits inside the museum, it's time to hit the trail outside and see the actual archaeological site.

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The Platform Mound at Pueblo Grande Museum

Pueblo Grande Museum
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The platform mound is one of the aspects of this site that makes it historically unique. They were they center of village life for the Hohokam people that lived here hundreds of years ago.

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The Trail Through the Hohokam Village

Pueblo Grande Museum
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The trail through the Hohokam village is paved and easy to follow. Signs along the way provide detail about the various structures there.

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Adobe Compound

Pueblo Grande Museum
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You can enter a replica of the rooms in which the Hohokam lived.

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Museum Store

Pueblo Grande Museum
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The museum store at the Pueblo Grande Museum has gifts and books for all ages, including Native American objects and jewelry created by local artists. Items purchased here are tax-free.

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Indian Market

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 Each year the Pueblo Grande Museum hosts a popular event where Native American artists display and sell their work. It's the Pueblo Grande Museum Indian Market. It is usually scheduled in December, in case you want to do some holiday shopping!

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Layover at Sky Harbor?

Pueblo Grande Museum
Judy Hedding

The PHX Sky Train that connects Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport to METRO Light Rail is free. You don't have to take light rail to the Pueblo Grande Museum if you are coming from the airport; just take the PHX Sky Train from Terminal 3 or 4 to 44th Street and Washington and walk two blocks east to 46th Street. It's close and easy. Most people take about 1-1/2 hours at the museum.

Directions to Pueblo Grande Museum

By car: If you are driving, parking is free at the Pueblo Grande Museum.

  • From I-10: Exit Hohokam Expy 143 toward the airport to Washington Street. West on Washington St. about one block.
  • From Loop 202 Red Mountain Freeway: Take Exit 4, 52nd Street, Van Buren. West on Van Buren to 48th st., south on 48th Street to Washington, west on Washington St. for about one block.

See this location on Google Maps and get directions.

By METRO Light Rail: Use the Washington Street/44th Street station. Here is a map of the METRO light rail stations.

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