Public Viewings for Europameister in Berlin

Europameister is upon us and Berlin is gearing up to become a city of soccer fans (or football or fussball depending on where you're from). Often too cool for sporting events, even the hipsters don some red, back and gold for the major tournaments. The truth is - it's not all about Fussball. Public viewings are the perfect place to connect with German culture and people and an electrified atmosphere.

While almost every bar and biergarten pulls out a few screens for the competition, a public viewing is an event in itself. Gatherings range from the hundreds to the hundreds of thousands and nowhere else will you feel the group joy and hysteria. The competition spans a month from June 10th to the finale on July 10th so you have plenty of time to try all of the best public viewings in Berlin. 

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Berliner Fanmeile

Berlin Fanmeile
Erin Porter

Nowhere in Germany is the concentration of German flags stronger than on Berlin's Fanmeile (Fan Mile). Hundreds of thousands of fans (an estimated 500,000) regularly turn up for major games. It is a jubilant, crowded, chaotic, delirious good time.

Despite the name, it is actually more than a mile of screens and people that shut down Berlin's  historic Straße des 17. Juni in the Tiergarten. A massive screen and stage sit right behind Brandenburger Tor and 6 more screens run down the Allee. The whole area is fenced in for security so arrive early if you want to get in and refer to our guide on what not to bring to protect your valuables. Note that if the German national team is playing, the Fan Mile is sure to be bursting and usually reaches capacity before the first pass is made.

For the 2016 Europameister, Germany will play on June 12th, 16th and 21st. Thumbs pressed that  they make it at least to the second round and all the way on to the quarterfinals, semifinals finale on July 10th.


  • Straße des 17. Juni - between Yitzhak-Rabin-Straße and Großer Stern
  • Yitzhak-Rabin-Straße - at John-Foster Dulles Allee
  • Brandenburg Gate 1 - Ebertstraße from the direction of Dorotheenstraße, at Simsonweg
  • Brandenburg Gate 2 - Ebertstraße from the direction of Behrenstraße, at Ahornsteig
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German Soccer Viewing at kulturebraurei
Erin Porter

The red bricks of this brewery turned cultural center hold clubs, theatres and events like public viewing for the Euro. Limited seating means you need to show up early to catch some of the action on the 24 square meter screen. The rest of the massive crowd must stand and jockey for position, peering around giant curly wigs and flags.

Unlike most other venues on this list, note that Kulturbraurie charges a 3 euro admission and has a bag check. The good news is that they can take the viewing indoors in bad weather. The bad news is that there is no re-entry and the site often reaches capacity while before the start of Germany's games.

Address: Schönhauser Allee 36-39 10435 Berlin

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Allermunde am Hauptbahnhof

Allermunde am Hauptbahnhof

Gathering some of the run-off from fans who were shut out of the Fan Mile (or just didn't make it that far), this viewing site just outside of the Hauptbahnhof (main train station). It is certainly convenient. Around 1,000 beach chairs look up at the 5x3 meter LED screen with multiple outdoor bars keeping visitors hydrated as they are out in the elements. This is not the place to be caught in the rain.

Address: Edelweißstraße 1, 10557 Berlin 

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Mercedes-Welt Public Viewing

Just steps away from the Tiergarten and the Fan Mile, this is a much more civilized affair. This venue offers rare protection from the elements if the weather does not cooperate within a gleaming white showroom.  Games will be projected onto a massive 48 square meter JumboTron LED video screen and viewers will be surrounded by glamorous cars and their history.

Address: Salzufer 1, 10587 Berlin

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Zitadelle Spandua

Berlin Zitadelle
Erin Porter

This historical citadel is used to hosting rock concerts and medieval fairs, but for the EM all matches involving the German national team (and the finals) will be played in this magnificent setting. A 30 square meters LED screen will project the games from France for family-friendly fun.

Need something in your belly to enjoy the games? The first group matches of the German team coincide with the Berlin BBQ Championship. Clever.

Address: Zitadelle, Am Juliusturm 64, 13599 Berlin

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11 Fruende EMQuartier

11 freunde EM Quartier

Germany's premier football magazine, 11 Fruende, gathers some of the best venues in the city to create a EM-watching quarter. These venues will be open for the Germany games, then all games from the second round on. More than just viewing parties, there is a serious love for the game. Watch for football exhibitions with expert talks and film screenings.

Venues include:

  • Lido (Cuvrystraße 7, 10997 Berlin)
  • Astra (Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin)
  • Bi Nuu (U-Bahnhof Schlesisches Tor, 10997 Berlin)

*11 Fruende will also hold viewing events in several other German cities.

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E Mauersegler

Located in the center of the popular flea market space, there are a variety of seating options in this intimate outdoor space. Feel free to drift in and drift out on busy market Sundays, or find a seat early and let the sun set on you as the Tors (goals) rain down.

Tante Käthe at the front of the market area and just off the street is another option. It is usually quite packed with several smaller HD screens inside and outside, as well as beers and grilled eats.

Address: Bernauer Str 63-64,13355 Berlin

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Badeschiff & Beach Bars

Berlin Badeschiff.jpg
Erin Porter

After sunning yourself at Berlin's best pool within the Spree, towel off and head indoors to watch the EM. Two 8 by 4.5 meter large canvases will show the game for up to 1,500 viewers. If you don't want to swim, admission is free from 20:00. This is one of the chillest ways to watch the game.

Prefer to watch the games with your toes in the sand? The beach bars in Mitte are the ideal alternative. Over 2,300 square meters of sand and a 13 square meter screen overlook the river Spree.

Address: Eichenstraße 4, 12435 Berlin 

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Tempelhofer Feld

Runway Tempelhof Park.jpg
Erin Porter

Add this to the hundreds of things you can do at this airport turned park. Near the main entrance at Columbiadamm there will be screens, limited seating and delicious burgers for sale.

Address: Tempelhofer Damm 90, 12101 Berlin

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Dim Arena

Dim Arena Berlin

Here too you find beers, brats and football. Tucked into a courtyard just off Kreuzberg's Oranienstrasse, this cozy spot fills up quickly. The space opens 2 hours before the games and is a echo chamber of cheers by the time they kick off.

Address: Oranienstraße 26, 10999 Berlin

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Babylon Cinema

Erin Porter

This classic 1920s Berlin cinema provides an elegant venue for you to lose your mind watching the EM. There are 600 comfortable theatre seats and an enormous screen making it one of the highest quality places to watch the games. No pesky sunshine, full HD and hundreds of excited fans.

Address: Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 30, 10178 Berlin

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Postbahnhof am Ostbahnhof

Postbahnhof am Ostbahnhof

This open-air club has the perfect easy atmosphere for a football match. Saunter between the screen, the BBQ and the bar for a perfect night.

Address: Straße der Pariser Kommune 8, 10243 Berlin

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Sommergarten am Alexa

Sommergarten am Alexa

At the courtyard behind a shopping mall off of Alexanderpatz, public viewing in the biergarten offer a central location to enjoy the show.  Access for the plebeians is free, but a new 2016 VIP sundeck can be booked as well. Drinks and international street food will keep the fans satisfied. 

Address: Alexanderplatz , Gruner Straße 20, 10178 Berlin

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