Find a Public Swimming Pool in Greater Phoenix

Many Communities Pools Invite Residents to Swim

Even if you don't have your own swimming pool, or the community or apartment complex in which you live doesn't have one that you can use, there are community swimming pools that allow locals to swim for a small fee.

After Labor Day, many of the pools are closed for the season. However, there are a few pools around town that offer lap swimming in heated pools all year long.

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Apache Junction Aquatics

City of Apache Junction Parks & Recreation

The Superstition Shadows Aquatic Center in Apache Junction. Pay as you go, or get a season pass for the entire summer. Pass holders have access to Lap Swimming, Open Swim and family nights for free. There is an additional charge for swim team, swim lessons, special events and water aerobics. Open during the summer only.

Map, Address and Phone Number for Apache Junction Pool

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Buckeye Aquatic Center

The Buckeye pool features a zero-depth area, high dive, low dive and a water slide. Morning aerobics, lap swim, water aerobics, swimming lessons, night swim. Season passes available. Open during the summer only.

Map, Address and Phone Number for Buckeye Pool

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Casa Grande Aquatics

Casa Grande Pool
Judy Hedding

The Palm Island Family Aquatic Center in Casa Grande opens in the summer and closes each September with a Doggie Dive In!

Map, Address and Phone Number for Palm Island Aquatic Center

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Chandler Aquatics

© Judy Hedding

The City of Chandler operates six public swimming pools. Operational hours of each pool are set to coincide with the school calendar for the district in which each facility is located. Chandler swimming pools typically open earlier in the season than the public pools in other communities which usually don't open until Memorial Day weekend.

Map, Address and Phone Numbers for Chandler Pools

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Florence Aquatic Center

The Town of Florence Aquatic Center opened in July 2015. In addition to open swim, the center offers swim lessons, private pool rentals and fitness classes. There are water slides, toddler slides and diving boards. Open swim days run from Tuesday through Sunday with varying times. The pool is closed on Mondays for routine maintenance.

Map, Address and Phone Number for Florence Aquatic Center

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Gila Bend Swimming Pool

The Town's public pool is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The pool is adjacent to a large park that has huge shade trees.

Map, Address and Phone Number for Gila Bend Pool

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Gilbert Aquatics

The Town of Gilbert offers public swimming at four pools. You'll find public swimming sessions, swim lessons, aquacise classes, junior lifeguard programs, youth swim and dive teams, zero depth areas, kiddie slides, double water slides, diving boards. Pools open from end of May to early August. Gilbert public swimming pools are all closed on Sundays (2016).

Map, Address and Phone Number for Gilbert Pools

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Glendale Swimming Pools

In 2011 the City of Glendale significantly cut back on the number of public swimming pools it operates, from eight to two. Summer programs offered at the two 'full-service' City of Glendale Pools and Aquatics Centers include synchronized swimming, water polo, swim and dive teams, Junior Lifeguard/GuardStart, special events and swim lessons. Foothills Recreation & Aquatic Center is open year round for lap swimming and aquatic classes and lessons.

Map, Address and Phone Numbers for Glendale Pools

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Goodyear Swimming Pool

The Goodyear pool offers open swim, family fun nights, Goodyear Community Days/Events, swim pass, swim team, dive team, swim lessons and water aerobics. The pool is typically open from mid-May through late September.

Map, Address and Phone Number for Goodyear Pool

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Litchfield Park Recreation Center Pool

Daily fee, weekly fee or a summer pass allows your family to participate in swim team, water aerobics, swimming lessons, lifeguard training.

Map, Address and Phone Number for Litchfield Park Pool

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Maricopa Aquatic Center

Maricopa is actually in Pinal County, but it is close enough to Greater Phoenix that residents of the southern part of Maricopa County may find this pool convenient. The Copper Sky Aquatic Center is open to the public from Memorial Day through mid-September. Year-round lap swimming is available by membership only. It has open and lap swim. The leisure pool has a water slide, a six foot rock-climbing wall, a lazy river, an interactive splash pad and an eight-lane competitive lap swimming pool. Daily passes or memberships offered.

Map, Address and Phone Number for Maricopa's Copper Sky Aquatic Center.

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Mesa Aquatics

There are nine public swimming pools in Mesa, Arizona. Pay as you go, or buy a season pass. Mesa also has a recreation swim team, dive team, synchronized swim team and a water polo team. The Rhodes Pool features the FlowRider surfing system.

Map, Address and Phone Numbers for Mesa Pools

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Peoria Swim Programs

The City of Peoria, Arizona has three public swimming pools. Pay as you go or season passes. Also swim team, water aerobics and swim lessons for all ages.

Map, Address and Phone Numbers for Peoria Pools

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Phoenix Pools

The Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department operates 29 pools citywide. Children and adults can take advantage of general open swimming, learn-to-swim lessons, special-interest classes, recreational team programs, team water-sports, water-safety classes and special events. Pools are open from the end of May through the end of July. Eleven of the pools will be open weekends in August through Labor Day. All pools are closed on Fridays.

Map, Address and Phone Numbers for City of Phoenix Pools

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Scottsdale Pools

Scottsdale has four public aquatics centers. No membership is required. There are daily fees, and special passes are also available for purchase. All aquatic classes, such as water exercise and swim lessons, require registration and an additional fee. Pools are typically open from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Map, Address and Phone Numbers for City of Scottsdale Pools

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Surprise Public Swimming Pools

There are two municipal pools in Surprise, Arizona. Amenities include a zero depth area, water slide, lap pool, competition pool, diving well, diving boards. Typically the pools are open from Memorial Day through August. Pay as you go or buy a season pass.

Map, Address and Phone Numbers for Surprise Pools

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Tempe Public Pools

Courtesy Kiwanis Recreation Center

Tempe has two swimming pools, Escalante and and the Kiwanis Wave Pool. The Kiwanis Wave Pool is a year round indoor heated pool featuring a lap pool with 6 lanes, and a double spiral water slide. The Wave Pool is open during the spring and summer months.

Map, Address and Phone Number for Tempe Pools

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Swimming Pool Complaints

Monitoring the pH level of water being treated with chlorine
Peter Garbet / Getty Images

With about five months of summer every year, our public swimming pools, health club pools, apartment complex pools, hotel pools, water parks and everywhere else where people get wet to stay cool are places where we don't want to have to worry about becoming sick or hurt. There are permit and maintenance requirements for all public and semi-public swimming pools with which operators are legally required to comply.

Which government agency is responsible for inspecting pools in the Phoenix area?

The Maricopa County Environmental Services Department regulates public and semi-public pools, wading pools or special use pools, spas and artificial and semi-artificial bathing lakes for the Greater Phoenix area. Public swimming pools as well as pools at schools, apartment complexes, master planned communities, hotels, fitness facilities, spas, country clubs and others are subject to permit requirements and ongoing inspection.

What does the inspection include?

In addition to the verification of appropriate permits and the actual testing of the water for chlorine levels and acidity, the inspection process includes other safety features of the swimming pool, including, but not limited to:

  • signage
  • fencing
  • self-closing gates
  • deck conditions
  • handrail conditions
  • pool surface condition
  • appropriate water level
  • operation of filters and other mechanical pool equipment

Where can I check to see previous inspections at a public swimming pool?

Swimming pool inspection reports for Maricopa County (that includes Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale and other surrounding cities and towns) are available online at no charge. Look up swimming pool inspection reports here.

How do I know if a pool is healthy enough to swim in?

Even if a pool was inspected last month, you really don't know what's happened in that swimming pool since then. Check online for a free test kit and get tips to recognize the signs of an unhealthy pool.

I visited a public or semi-public swimming pool and I think there are problems there. How do I file a complaint?

If you were at a pool that you believe didn't have the proper amount of chemicals or posed what you believe are other threats to the safety or health of individuals bathing there, you can file a complaint online.

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