Where to Find Public Bathrooms Near the Brooklyn Bridge

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There are no restrooms on the Brooklyn Bridge itself, as many tourists have discovered the hard way. This is because the Brooklyn Bridge is public thoroughfare and is more than 100 years old.

The bridge itself spans the East River and connects Manhattan to Brooklyn and is a little over a mile long. For travelers, this can feel too long when in need of a restroom. Luckily, there are public restrooms nearby for those passing through.

On the Manhattan side of the historic Brooklyn Bridge, you may need to venture into a private establishment and kindly ask the host to accommodate the request. While several may offer free use of the restroom, others will request customer-use only, which could be an opportunity for a quick bite or beverage, when interested.

Regardless, the options on the Brooklyn side of the bridge are a bit more readily available, and thus recommended, when seeking a public restroom nearby.

Public Bathrooms Near the Brooklyn Bridge Walkway

In the DUMBO neighborhood (an area that stands for "Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass"), visitors can start walking toward the Brooklyn Bridge Park, an 85-acre waterfront park located near the East River.

The convenient public bathrooms are located at the head of Brooklyn Bridge Park, at the end of Old Fulton Street. There are user-friendly signs along the way showing travelers where they need to go, such as toward the Brooklyn Bridge Park's Education Center. Specific restrooms to keep an eye out for include the Pier 1, 2, and 6 restrooms located near the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Alternative Bathrooms Around the Brooklyn Bridge

Individuals should keep in mind that more than thousands of people visit the Brooklyn Bridge Park on a summer weekend when the weather is pleasant. During the summer season, wait times for restroom facilities may be longer than usual. Visitors may also consider alternative bathroom options:

You can go to Cadman Plaza Park, which is located next to the Brooklyn Bridge. The restrooms are located next to the Brooklyn War Memorial and are open year round. After using the restroom, Brooklyn travelers can take a walk around the notably beautiful park which is nicely placed on the border of the historic Brooklyn Heights and Downtown Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Restaurants and Shops With Bathrooms

Visitors taking a stroll around DUMBO, the neighborhood located next to the Brooklyn Bridge, will find that there are a few cafes that will let them use the bathroom. Some restaurants and shops will request to make a small purchase in exchange, however. Some businesses to consider visiting nearby include:

  • Brooklyn Roasting Company: A roastery and espresso lab great for organic coffee.
  • Minus Space: The local contemporary art gallery dedicated to abstract art and emerging artists.
  • One Girl Cookies: Delicious treats, breakfast items, and savory snacks.
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