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There is little to say about Michael Mina that has not already been said. As a chef he has proven himself not only in Las Vegas but in every city he has opened a restaurant. If I can enjoy a cocktail after a few runs at the Handle Bar in Jackson Hole and I see a crowded bar of hardcore skiers I realize that he has done his research. At the MGM Grand, PUB 1842 is precisely what the property needed.

One spot to have a beer, watch a game and have some good food. It’s not crazy fancy food. It’s not fine dining. It’s not the foodie finds that people will travel into town specifically for. What PUB 1842 represents is a place to watch a game and have a beer while not sacrificing the quality of the food.

Combine Michael Mina with a PUB and you get a spot where you’ll hover around a bar and try one too many cocktails with friends. You might kiss your wife for a few seconds longer or you might hive five after a big score just a little louder than normal. You might try a cocktail that you would never consider and you’ll take pictures of your food and send them to your friends to make them jealous. It’s a place to have fun.

After all, you go to Las Vegas to have fun, right?

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PUB 1842
MGM Grand Las Vegas
3799 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: 702-891-3922

See PUB 1842 website

Cuisine at PUB 1842: American Pub

Reservations: Recommended but not necessary

Price Range: moderate

Restaurant and Bar
Monday – Thursday 11:30 am – 10:00pm
Friday and Saturday 11:00am – 11:00pm
Sunday 10:00am – 10:00pm

Happy Hour
Monday – Thursday 5:00pm – 7:00pm

Attire: Casual

What to Expect at PUB 1842:
Your initial feeling when you walk into PUB 1842 is that it might feel too nice. It’s as if they cleaned up a cool bar and told you to keep your voices down. However, as you sit down and take a look at the cocktail list you glance over at the bar and realize that this is just a grown up version of a classy bar. This is a casual spot that just so happens to have some fancy touches. The beer list is adequate but not confusing and the cocktails are impressive and enticing. Get there early for the special Fizzy-Lifting cocktails that are labor intensive and limited.

A booth is good if you have a few people and you might be sharing some food. The real fun is either at the bar where everyone is having a good time and the bartenders do a good job of keeping your beer fresh or one of the raised tables with a beer tap on it. Yes, you heard me correct. You can get a table with its own beer tap.

Need I say more?

How’s the food at PUB 1842?
Michael Mina does food well. He does PUB food at an elevated level. You’ll expect more from this place simply because I very talented chef has his name on the door but you also must understand that it is what it is. A PUB.

I would not go so far at to call it a Gastropub (Fancy name for a place with good beer with food for foodies) but I will say that you’ll get quality ingredients on some of your favorite items that might make you comfortable while watching a game and having a pint.

In other words, if you come looking for a good burger and a beer you’ll be very satisfied. If you come in hoping to find foie gras spring rolls wrapped in Iberico ham you’ll leave saying that there is nothing new here. Once again, Las Vegas is about having fun and if you want fun they have it and they have it with good food and beers.


What you should try at PUB 1842:

  • The burger – I know a lot of people who are excited about the Peanut Butter Crunch Burger. I’m not one of them. REASON: The burger alone is very good. Quality bun. Quality meat. Great flavor and a proper preparation. Why ruin it with peanut butter? I love peanut butter but I don’t love it with my burger. However, I should say that if you have it with an Innis & Gunn Scottish Ale there is a little something special going on. I would not order it alone but I would order it to share with a few friends. Instead: Order the 1842 Burger, it’s among the best in town.
  • Lobster Corn Dogs – I had the corn dogs at PUB 1842 with an excellent Old Fashioned. The drink was outstanding but I would have rather had it with a Ballast Point Amber Ale. The succulent lobster inside the sweet corn bread will make you eat way too quickly. This is bar food for the elite.
  • Ahi Tuna Poke’ – This is not the poke’ you get at the Foodland in Hawaii but it’s good. It’s fancy poke’ and while that might be an oxymoron to purists you’ll love the flavors as the avocado blends nicely with the fish and the strips of lettuce. It’s very similar to the poke’ at Aloha Mixed plate on Front street in Maui and if you knew how much I love that place you would realize that you should order it at PUB 1842.
  • The Greek Salad – Yes, I’m telling you to order a salad at a PUB. The lamb meatballs are so packed with flavor that you’ll eat hem before you get to the rest of the entrée.
  • The lobster roll has to be on your radar if you love popcorn. Trust me when I say that lobster and popcorn go together.
  • Crab cakes and beer. Crunchy on the outside, moist on the inside and full of wonderful east coast flavor. You are not in Maryland but I have to believe somebody in that kitchen is from there.


What you should drink at PUB 1842:
The beer list is worthy of a visit but my eyes wandered over to the cocktail list and I must say that after an Old Fashioned, a Last Word, and a Waxing Gibbons I wanted more. They have barrel aged cocktails and they have talented people putting together righteous cocktails behind the bar. You’ll need to be patient because they are doing it right, but when you get your drink you’ll understand. Try a Southside or a Last Word, they only make 15 a day and they are infused with a little fizz. The Last Word is that drink that starts off like a tropical beach drink but really settles you into a pub feel. It's that drink that is strong enough for a man but would be appreciated by a woman. Did I mention that they make 15 a day? Get here early.

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