10 Providence Attractions You Must See

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    Top Things To Do in Rhode Island's Capital City

    Skyline of Providence
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    Providence is an energetic and historic capital city that should be second only to Boston on your list of New England cities you must see in your lifetime. And it's not just because Providence is home to New England's best bacon! Whether you have just a day or weekend to spend in Providence or you're a local, try to see as many of these top 10 attractions as you can.

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    Interact with Animals at Roger Williams Park Zoo

    There's always something new at America's third oldest zoo. More than just a place to observe the diversity of life on our planet, Roger Williams Park Zoo offers Providence visitors once-in-a-lifetime interactive encounters with animals: most for a small additional fee. Feed a giraffe. Ride a camel. Book a behind-the-scenes tour of the harbor seal exhibit. Feed exotic birds when they swoop down and land on your arm. With species from alpacas to zebras, the zoo appeals to animal lovers of all ages.

    Families with young children especially enjoy mingling with the sheep and goats in the Alex and Ani Farmyard and exploring Hasbro’s Our Big Backyard: one of the coolest playgrounds in New England. The Outback Trail allows you to get closer than you ever imagined to wallabies and kangaroos. And, each fall, the zoo hosts the Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular: a must-see display of elaborately carved pumpkins.

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    Tour the Rhode Island State House

    Rhode Island State House in Providence
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    One of Providence's highlights won’t cost you a penny. But you have to get there Monday through Friday. That's when Rhode Island's capitol building, designed by the famed architectural firm of McKim, Mead, and White, is open to the public for free guided or self-guided tours. You won't just see the chambers where state legislators meet. This government building is home to treasures like Rhode Island's Royal Charter: You'll see the original document handwritten in 1663. Even more significant is Rhode Island-born artist Gilbert Stuart's original portrait of George Washington: the one you know well from the one-dollar bill. You'll also be able to look up and appreciate the fourth largest self-supported marble dome in the world.

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    Experience WaterFire

    WaterFire Providence
    © 2010 Kim Knox Beckius

    WaterFire, held on select evenings along the rivers that converge in the heart of Providence, is a soul-stirring work of art. Sculptor Barnaby Evans has been the creative force behind this installation since its inception in 1994, and this fusion of fire, water and music has become the city's signature. It's New England's most romantic experience and the region's best free event. As bonfires crackle and sparkle, they cast a shimmering glow on the water, and the effect is mesmerizing. Evans changes the soundtrack each time WaterFire is staged, which adds to the magic.

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    Take a Boat Tour

    Providence River Boat
    © 2015 Kim Knox Beckius

    When you see Providence from the water, you'll feel as if you're touring a European—not a New England—capital city. This is especially true if you book an excursion with La Gondola. The charming gondoliers who steer authentic Venetian gondolas along the city's rivers even sing to passengers, who may bring their own wine or champagne aboard. If you prefer a history lesson to a serenade, Providence River Boat Company offers informative narrated tours by day and relaxing sunset cruises in the eve. Both of these boat tour operators book reservations months in advance for WaterFire nights, so plan ahead. Seeing WaterFire from a boat is unforgettable.

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    Feast on Federal Hill

    Providence DePasquale Square
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    Providence's Italian neighborhood, Federal Hill, is home to restaurants old and new, plus gourmet tours, a cooking school, a ravioli shop and more indulgent attractions. Don't miss the braciola and other favorites your Italian grandma used to make at Angelo's Civita Farnese, where some menu items haven't changed in more than 90 years. I also like the younger, energetic vibe at DaVinci Ristorante, Lounge & Cigar Bar, where you must order the Burrata. Chef Cindy Salvato leads Savoring Federal Hill gourmet tours, which are tasty and informative. And Chef Walter Potenza will teach you how to prepare authentic Italian fare at his cooking school here. Venda Ravioli sells more than 150 kinds of fresh and frozen pasta, plus every Italian culinary product imaginable. Don't leave without stopping at Scialo Bros. Bakery for Italian cookies.

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    Walk Providence's Benefit Street

    Benefit Street Providence
    "Benefit Street," © Shinya Suzuki @shinyasuzuki, flickr.com Creative Commons License

    It's known as the "Mile of History," and whether you explore on your own or join one of the Rhode Island Historical Society's guided Benefit Street walking tours offered mid-June through October, this architecturally significant stretch is a Providence must-see. Colonial business owners began building homes along Back Street—now Benefit Street—in 1758, and you won't find a larger concentration of houses from the pre-Revolution period anywhere else in America. The street also has excellent examples of Federal and later architectural styles. Fans of horror writer H.P. Lovecraft, a Providence native, will want to keep their eyes out for 135 Benefit Street: his inspiration for "The Shunned House."

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    Don't Miss These Museums

    RISD Museum Top Attractions Providence
    Media photo courtesy of the Providence Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau

    Providence's colleges and universities operate impressive museums that welcome the public. The RISD Museum at the Rhode Island School of Design has more than 91,000 creations in its collection ranging from ancient Greek and Roman sculpture to contemporary works. The Culinary Arts Museum at Johnson & Wales University is a repository for all things cooking- and restaurant-related including more than 30,000 cookbooks. And don't overlook Brown University's Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology, particularly if you're looking for something free to do in the Providence. Exhibits feature highlights from the museum's collection of more than one million artifacts from around the world.

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    Admire the View from Prospect Terrace Park

    Prospect Terrace Park in Providence
    © 2014 Kim Knox Beckius

    Petite but exceptionally scenic, Providence's Prospect Terrace Park on Congdon Street is known for its immense statue of Rhode Island founder Roger Williams. What you might not realize if you've only seen photos of this iconic spot is that this is also where Williams' remains are parked. You'll be able to shoot panoramic photos of the Providence skyline from this spot, or simply spread out a blanket or claim a bench and picnic on a sunny day.

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    Peek Inside the Big Nazo Lab

    Big Nazo Providence
    © 2010 Kim Knox Beckius

    Providence brands itself "The Creative Capital," and there are art galleries, performance venues, and cultural organizations galore: far more than you'd expect to find in a small city. One of the wildest workshops you've ever seen is on Fulton Street across from Providence City Hall. So hideous they're adorable, the giant, wearable "puppets" that come to life inside Big Nazo Lab have become a city signature and an international sensation. Don't miss the chance to gawk at the creatures displayed in the windows. You can wander inside to observe if artists are at work, or check their Web site for special appearances.

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    Shop at Malls Old and New and for Vintage Finds, Too

    Arcade Providence Oldest Shopping Mall
    © 2014 Kim Knox Beckius

    With nearly 150 stores and restaurants and a 16-screen cinema, Providence Place is more than a mall: It's a destination. If for no other reason, go for the interactive dining experiences at Fire + Ice or The Melting Pot. Here's something you may not know: Providence is also home to America's oldest indoor shopping mall: The Arcade. Built in 1828, this National Historic Landmark was just renovated and reinvented in 2013 and now houses boutique shops, eateries and micro-loft apartments. Providence is also famous for its vintage and consignment shops, where you'll find creative garb and other stylish finds.