Protect Your Tech at the Beach

With Caribbean resorts extending wifi right to the water's edge these days, it's more tempting than ever to take your technology along to the beach for snapping selfies, keeping in touch with home via Facebook, reading email, or even (gasp) getting a little work done while you're relaxing in the sun. Water, sun and sand, however, are mortal enemies to delicate electronics, so if you're going to mix Internet surfing with the ocean kind, here's some protective gear that can help keep your gadgets safe...

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Aquapac SLR Camera Case with Soft Lens

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Looking to take pictures in the ocean, not just of it? The Aquapac SLR Camera Case with Soft Lens features a Class V waterproof polyurethane cover that will keep your SLR dry even 12 feet deep, while the optically clear hard lens window permits clear underwater images. The case fits a digital SLR with a standard lens; the thin waterproof membrane allows you to operate the camera.

Price: $139.99 from eBags.

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Travelon Waterproof Smartphone/Camera Case

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This airtight and watertight PVC pouch not only protects your smartphone or compact digital camera from sand and water, it also has a foam insert that allows the case to float if you drop it in the surf. You can even operate your phone while it's safely stored in the bag.

Price: $11.99 from eBags.

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Outdoor Research Sensor Dry Pocket Tablet

Outdoor Research Tablet bag

Your Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, or other tablet-sized laptop computer or electronic reading device (up to 10 inches wide) will be safe and completely usable in this submersible carrying case. Made of soft-side plastic and nylon and featuring a waterproof zippered closure, the cover also has a waterproof headphone jack plus a clip and Velcro straps for attaching it to your beach chair or other surfaces for easy use.

Price: $35 from eBags.

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Incipio Performance Armband iPhone 6 Case

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Wind-blown sand and salt spray won't be a problem on your next beach run when your fancy new iPhone 6 is securely stowed in this water-resistant case. Strap it to your arm when you're jogging or working out and you'll appreciate the moisture-wicking material, responsive touchscreen window, and built in key/card holder.

Price: $28.99 from eBags.

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Lug Slider 15-inch Laptop Pouch

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 This laptop bag won't allow you to plunge your computer into the ocean (and why would you want to, anyway?), but the water-repellant material will keep moisture and sand away, and the carry handle makes it convenient for juggling your laptop, sunscreen, beach books and cocktail as you make your way to the lounge chair. Extra pockets accommodate chargers, pens, and of course your sunglasses.

Price: $24.99 from eBags.

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More Beach Safety Tips for Your Electronic Stuff

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 Beyond protective cases, you can also help keep your phones, tablets, computers and cameras safe at the beach by:

  1. limiting sun exposure
  2. wiping your gear dry after a day at the beach
  3. packing moisture-reducing silica gel with your gear to keep it dry
  4. never changing camera lenses in a sandy and salty environment
  5. using a UV filter to get better beach photos and protect your lens
  6. never taking your underwater gear deeper than it's designed to go
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