Pros and Cons of Eating at McDonald’s on Your Honeymoon

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Would you eat at McDonald’s on your honeymoon? If the two of you are foodies, true gourmets, health-obsessed or adventurous eaters, then the answer is probably no. Who's likely to say yes? People who aren’t curious eaters, women and men who like what they like and usually stick to familiar meals and restaurants.

Culinary travel exposes couples to different types of food, cuisine and customs and it continues to grow in popularity.

For many travelers, that’s the point of leaving home: exiting your comfort zone in order to sample new flavors and dishes. 

Yet the food you may have grown up eating, or first tasted with a friend, can hold a powerful draw. Should you give in to that craving when you’re away from home and step into a McDonald’s for a meal that's the same the world over? Compelling pro and con reasons exist on both sides. Where do you stand?

Good Reasons to Eat at McDonald’s on Your Honeymoon

  • It's Cheap and Fast. When you're traveling on a budget, every dollar you save on a meal can go toward something else you'd like to do. And if you're in a hurry and just need to fill up, a McDonald's meal can do the trick.
  • You're Sick of Eating at Your All-Inclusive Resort. All-inclusives are not known as foodie paradises.  While some are better than others, and some contain better restaurants that you can access for a fee, meals can be disappointing — and monotonous if you stay more than a few days.
  • Local Food Isn't to Your Taste. Maybe the idea of eating local specialties such as whale meat, dried salted cod or goats head soup doesn't appeal — but a Big Mac does. Or perhaps you don't speak the language of the place you're visiting and restaurant menus are unintelligible.
  • You're Homesick. It happens, especially if you're away from home for an extended period of time. There's nothing like seeing those yellow arches and knowing exactly what the food will taste like to feel a little closer. It's comforting.
  • You're Hungover. Had too much to drink last night? Some experienced imbibers insist there's no better antidote than breakfast at McDonald's and a steaming McCafe or two to help clear your head. Now that the eatery offers breakfast all day, you can roll out of bed at noon and still cure your hangover.
  • You've Got Midnight Munchies. Once you have that craving, there's no stopping you.
  • You're on the Road or at the Airport. None of the other offerings are notably delicious or nutritious, so you're willing to go with a sure thing.
  • Sometimes You Just Want a Big Mac. Nothing else tastes or satisfies like one.
  • McDonald's is Your Happy Place. Maybe it's where you met or went on a date together. Any way you look at it, you just get sentimental every time you visit.

Cons of Eating at McDonald’s on Your Honeymoon

  • The Food is Fattening, Salty and Unhealthy. There are plenty of smarter choices when it comes to meals. Yes, you could order a salad there... but do you know anyone who does?
  • Guilty Conscience. Couples who are concerned about maintaining the rainforest and not supporting factory farming will hesitate passing through the golden arches.
  • You Could be Supporting a Local Eatery Instead. McDonald's is a global corporation that exists to return value to its stock holders. Local restaurants support a small family business.
  • You'll Miss Out Tasting Local Specialties. From sacher torte in Austria to sashimi in Japan, many items taste best prepared and served in the country that invented them.
  • It's Not Romantic. Fluorescent lights, hard chairs, screaming kids and frazzled parents hardly add up to a recipe for seduction. Maybe you should make that order to go!