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Clarksville has the best of both worlds: It’s a quaint, quiet Austin neighborhood with unique homes, diverse residents and plenty of history, but it’s in the center of the city and only a stone’s throw from downtown’s many attractions.

Clarksville was founded in the 1870s by freed slaves, and due to its historic nature, the neighborhood has been protected from the harried development happening elsewhere in Austin.

The area remained a predominantly African-American neighborhood throughout most of the early 20th century. However, beginning in the late 1920s, city leaders enacted policies to encourage blacks to move to east Austin. These policies and rising home prices ultimately forced many of the African-American residents to leave. While several of the historic homes remain, a few new houses are going up as well. The streets are hilly, there is plenty of greenery, and there are many restaurants and shops accessible by foot.

The Location

Clarksville extends from MoPac to North Lamar Boulevard (East to West) and extends from West 6th Street to West 15th Street (North to South). Clarksville borders downtown, so all of the clubs and restaurants are just minutes away. It’s also just around the corner from 6th Street and Lamar, which contains the popular shopping area that includes Whole Foods and Amy’s Ice Creams.


Biking is a very popular way to get around within Clarksville and the nearby areas. There are so many restaurants and attractions nearby, that for some Clarksville residents, walking is an easy way to get around the area. However, to get to other parts of the city, driving is most convenient.

If you prefer to ride the bus, Capital Metro Route 9 passes through Clarksville. If you get stranded downtown or can’t find a designated driver, a quick cab ride to Clarksville is inexpensive.

The People of Clarksville

Clarksville is an eclectic urban hub in the heart of the city, so it attracts people who love to be in the mix of things. Clarksville has a good blend of apartments, condos and homes. The cozy homes attract young families, the condos are populated with young professionals, and the funky apartments are popular with students. It’s a hip area and is home base for much of the city’s creative crowd (there are many art galleries in Clarksville), and it’s a very fun place for singles.

Outdoor Activities

If you enjoy walking, you will love strolling through Clarksville’s hilly streets. Clarksville Park and West Austin Park are two small parks in the neighborhood, and each contain wading pools that are open in the summer. If you’re looking for a larger park, Zilker Park is only a few blocks south, and contains hike and bike trails, beach volleyball courts, large open fields and Barton Springs Pool. Also, just a few blocks northeast of Clarksville is the Shoal Creek Hike and Bike Trail, which is very popular with cyclists.

If you love to garden, you'll enjoy Clarksville's community garden.

Coffee Shops and Restaurants

Clarksville is full of cafes, coffee shops and restaurants, especially along West Lynn. Jeffrey’s, at West Lynn and 12th Street, offers innovative fine dining. It’s pricey but worth it for a special occasion. Cipollina, also at West Lynn and 12th, is a beloved Italian bistro where you can dine in or take out. There are many other popular places to dine and drink, such as Nau’s Drugstore, a genuine 1950s pharmacy that serves up traditional soda and milkshakes.

Real Estate

Clarksville has been around for more than a century, so many of the homes are quite old. Regardless, land value here has been steadily increasing, so you may end up with a fixer-upper if you are on a tight budget for a home.

The average cost of a home in Clarksville in 2016 was $950,000.

For those who want to live here but can’t afford a home, consider purchasing a condo or renting an apartment. But even a condo in this neighborhood may be as high as $600,000.

The Essentials

Post office: 2418 Spring Lane

Zip code: 78703

Schools: Matthews Elementary, O. Henry Middle School, Stephen F. Austin High School

Edited by Robert Macias