Atlantis Water Park in Clarksville, Indiana

A stone's throw from Louisville, this water park is affordable family fun

A shot of a boy sliding down on a water slide.
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Just over the river from Louisville, Atlantis Water Park has a wave pool, four exciting water slides, and a splash area with fountains for younger kids. Located in Clarksville, Indiana, Atlantis is a great destination for an affordable, relaxing and fun summer day.

Wet and Wild Fun for All Ages

The slides (referred to as Mount Olympus) at Atlantis Water Park all stem from one staircase. Once you get to the top there are four options; two body slides and two tube slides. One of each is open to the air while the other two are enclosed, adding a suspenseful darkened twist to the excitement. Red inner tubes with handles are provided for the tube slides. The height limit is 48", so you must be 4 feet tall to ride the slides.

Although inner tubes are provided for the slides, those stay at the rides. If you would like a tube for the wave pool, single and double inner tubes are for rent.

All ages enjoy playing in the large wave pool (called the Tsunami Sea), which gradually deepens to 5 feet. Every 10 minutes a bell rings, alerting the crowd, as well as the attentive lifeguards, and the waves begin. The moving water is fun with or without an inner tube. Some participants even sit on the shallow end, waiting for the waves to come to them. For young tots, life vests are available for the wave pool, free of charge.

With a maximum depth of 18", the kid area (known as King Neptune’s Cove) is ideal for small children. There are five slides, a tunnel to crawl through and cartoonish whales and dolphins spraying water. There are sun chairs surrounding the little kid area, as well as along the wave pool.

Grabbing a Bite to Eat

There is a snack bar with hot dogs, pizza, ice cream, nachos and other treats, ranging in price (but nothing too expensive). If you are trying to keep the cost down, there are picnic tables just outside the gate, but be sure to get your hand stamped to ensure you can enter again without repaying admission. The packed lunch option is yet another reason why Atlantis Water Park truly is a low price option for family fun.

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