Five Outdoor Products to Protect Travelers From Zika

Thermacell Scout Lantern

The Zika virus continues to be a source of concern for travelers, particularly those who are visiting parts of the world where the disease is now known to be active. But as it continues to spread to other parts of the globe, the threat of getting infected – even in certain parts of the U.S. – becomes more of a reality. But fortunately, there are some products available that can help repel insects, including Zika-carrying mosquitoes. If you'll be spending time outdoors this summer or plan on traveling to a destination where Zika is an issue, you may want to have these items at your disposal.


Craghoppers Goddard Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Craghoppers is well known for making high-quality travel apparel specifically with adventure travelers in mind. Their Nosilife collection is made up of a wide variety of apparel that has been treated with Insect Shield, a special coating that has been proven to repel bugs, including mosquitoes. Additionally, the company has also partnered with National Geographic to release a line of gear that is made to be worn on wild adventures.

The Goddard long-sleeve t-shirt is part of both the Nat Geo and Nosilife lines, which means that it is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and keeps insects at bay at the same time. The shirt is also excellent at wicking away moisture, which helps with temperature control in warm environments, and even blocks UV rays to help protect the wearer from the sun. Whether you're traveling halfway across the globe or lounging in the backyard, this is a shirt you'll want in your wardrobe.

Craghoppers Insect Shield Mercier Pants

One of the great things about apparel from Craghoppers is that they are highly technical in terms of performance, but they still manage to look stylish in both urban and wild settings. The Mercier travel pants fit that description to a tee, and since they are also part of the Nosilife collection, which means they also protect against insect bites and UV light too. Lightweight and highly packable, this is another article of clothing you'll want with you on your personal adventures. 

Craghoppers Insect Shield Avila II Hoody

Cooler weather doesn't always keep the mosquitoes from biting, which is why its nice to have a warmer jacket to pull on in those conditions. The Avila II hoody provides an extra layer for those cooler nights, but it is also coated with Insect Shield to prevent mosquitos, as well as ticks, flies, and fleas, from biting. True to the Nosilife label, this is a pullover that is surprisingly lightweight, good looking, and versatile. It also happens to be warmer than you would expect based on the thickness of the fabrics used to make the jacket.

This is the perfect option for those evenings when the weather is a bit cooler than expected, but not truly cold. 

Thermacell Scout Camp Lantern

Wearing insect repellant clothing isn't the only way to keep mosquitoes from biting. Thermacell has created a line of products that uses a special process to create a barrier around your campsite, patio, or another outdoor setting that insects are reluctant to enter.

The Scout Lantern is a great example of this technology. It uses a butane cartridge to heat up a special mat that is treated with repellant. The process then creates a 15 by 15-foot zone that is free from mosquitoes, black flies, and other flying bugs. The mats are good for up to 12 hours of burn time, with inexpensive replacements available. Of course, the lantern can also crank out up 220 lumens of light too, helping to find your way in the dark as well as avoid bug bites. 

N'visible Insect Repellant Patches

The N'visible insect repellant patches using a different approach for preventing mosquitoes from biting. You simply apply one of these patches to your skin, and the vitamin B-1 Thiamin that they are infused with will be taken into your body and then secreted out as an unmetabolized gas that overloads a mosquito's sense of smell, causing them to be unable to find their prey. This is a safe and natural way to prevent the insects from biting and thus helps the wearer to avoid exposure to Zika in the process.

A $10 pack of N'visible includes 30 patches. 

These are just a few examples of products that can be used to avoid bug bites that could potentially be carrying Zika or other diseases. As always, be sure you are properly equipped and taking the appropriate measures when visiting destinations where these ailments are common.