6 Terrific Products That Prevent Motion Sickness in Kids

If your child is among the millions of youngsters susceptible to motion sickness, there are products that can help prevent that queasy feeling on road trips, plane rides, and cruises. Here are some tried-and-true items that families swear by.

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    These fashionable, fun, and reusable wrist bands apply acupressure to deliver relief from motion sickness without drugs. Psi Bands are waterproof, so kids can wear them in the bath or pool without diminishing their effectiveness. Each package includes one band for each wrist. Recommended for kids age 3 and up. Available in seven designs.

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    These all-natural candies are flavored with ginger, peppermint and other calming ingredients and were created specifically to ease a queasy stomach. Kids will love the taste. Parents will love that these lollies contain zero artificial flavors or colors and are individually wrapped so they are perfect to take along in a purse or backpack.

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    Ginger cookies are a time-tested treat that works to prevent nausea. These ginger snaps from Newman's Own are made with organic wheat flour and do not contain artificial colors, preservatives, hydrogenated oils or trans fatty acids. Plus, they're packed with an added feel-good punch, since all profits go to charity.

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    When it comes to combatting motion sickness,  the most doctor-recommended over-the-counter remedy is dimenhydrinate, the active ingredient found in Dramamine. Dramamine is approved for kids age 2 and older, and these grape-flavored chewables are an easy option.

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    Families that prefer an all-natural solution can try Hyland's Homeopathic line of drug-free remedies. Since they have a high margin of safety, these tablets can be given to children without fear of misdosing or overdosing, and can be given along with other medications.

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    If your child persistently suffers from car and other motion sickness, your doctor may recommend Benadryl, an allergy medicine whose active ingredient, diphenhydramine, is also known to quash nausea. The downside (or upside, perhaps, on a long road trip) is that it can cause drowsiness. Can be administered to children age 6 and older.