6 Private Islands You Can Rent

bird island belize private island
Bird Island/Airbnb
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    An Island Paradise You Can Rent

    Brother Island
    Brother Island/Airbnb

    Who among us hasn’t pictured owning an island? Well, barring a lottery win, a very lucky night in Vegas, or generous gift from a dear departed family member, that dream may be out of reach for most. However, with vacation rental websites like Airbnb and HomeAway, you can rent a little slice of private paradise - without breaking the bank.

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    Strand Island, Minnesota

    Strand Island rental

    Explore 42 acres of undeveloped wild woods on Strand Island. Situated on the expansive 11,000 acre Pelican Lake near Orr, Minnesota, it’s 3 hours away from the hustle and bustle of Minneapolis, and perfect for summertime boating, swimming, and fishing. With a restored sauna, game house to battle boredom, and cabin that sleeps 20, you can bring the whole family… or not. 

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    Longboat Key, Florida

    longboat key rental florida

    Wildlife watchers, this island escape deep in the Florida Keys is for you. Relax in a shaded hammock, underneath a swaying palm tree while you gaze at playful dolphins, gentle manatees, and a great array of gulf coast marine life. Or, practice fly fishing in the fruitful waters known by locals as "The Kitchen”, and end your “busy” day by roasting marshmallows on your private beach’s fire pit as the sun slowly sets. 

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    Brother Island

    Brother Island
    Brother Island/Airbnb

    Enjoy the royal treatment on a fully staffed property on Brother Island in Palawan, Philippines. Known as the last of the unspoiled frontiers of El Nido, you can fully immerse yourself in the wild around, or let the staff take care of your every need. From preparing three freshly caught daily meals (included in the price of your stay) to arranging hikes, boat excursions, or a pampering massage on the beach, the staff banishes your worries so well, you won’t want to leave. 

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    Bird Island, Belize

    Bird Island Belize
    Bird Island/Airbnb

    This Belizean atoll is surrounded by some of the most breathtaking paradise blue waters in the sea, and stunning coral reef, perfect for endless hours of snorkeling or diving fun. This island is for those truly looking to get away from it all. You’ll be left to your own devices, and completely isolated from the outside world, but, don’t worry, if you just can’t disconnect, or you’re in desperate need of watching your favorite show, the island is equipped with both wifi and TV. 

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    Tahiti Island, Nicaragua

    Tahiti Island, Nicaragua
    Tahiti Island/Airbnb

    For those looking for a private island experience without “roughing it”, Tahiti Island is for you. Despite its name, the island is located in Nicaragua, and the grounds have undergone quite a facelift. Take a dip in your newly remodeled private pool, or escape the heat and humidity in your luxurious temporary home, complete with air conditioning, a fully equipped kitchen, and electric showers. 

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    Ilha Grande, Brazil

    Ilha Grande, Brazil
    Ilha Grande/Airbnb

    This stunning island on the west coast of Brazil is an ecotourist’s dream. Enjoy all the wonders of a tropical paradise with a hike through the rainforest, past breathtaking waterfalls. When you’ve had enough of nature, enjoy all of the comforts of home - and then some - in a sophisticated, modern house, while refresh yourself with caipirinhas made with fruit picked from the island, and prepared by your personal staff. Continue to unwind from the world as you enjoy the view of dolphin pods swimming by.