Private Islands in the Caribbean

Petit St Vincent
On private Petit St. Vincent island. Petit St Vincent

Ever have the fantasy of spending your vacation on one of the romantic private islands in the Caribbean, away from prying eyes and strangers you'd rather not have to interact with? Then one of the tiny islands in the Caribbean could be the perfect place for your next getaway.

While major Caribbean islands attract most tourists, the area actually includes thousands of smaller islands, many of which are uninhabited. The Bahamas alone encompasses some 700 islands.

Small is Beautiful: Top Private Islands in the Caribbean

So where can you laze on the beach without worrying about rubbing a sandy hip against a stranger? Here are just a few private places off the beaten track. Each resort is the only one on its respective island, and all are small in scale, assuring that there are many more palm trees than people.

Most of the following are only accessible by boat from neighboring islands. On that boat, bring plenty of cash: It's not cheap to have an island all to yourself. And keep in mind that everything you need will have to be brought along with you or imported.

Peter Island

On the largest (1,300 acres) privately owned isle in the British Virgin Islands in the northern Caribbean, romantic Peter Island Resort is owned by an American family. The resort is very private and can only accommodate about 150 people, but guests can socialize in its bars, restaurants, and main Deadman’s Bay beach. Overall, couples will feel secluded but not stranded on this private Caribbean island.

Necker Island

Sir Richard Branson's 74-acre private paradise in the Caribbean islands, Necker also is located in the British Virgin Islands and is accessible only by boat or helicopter. It can accommodate up to 26 guests and is such a perfect setting for a destination wedding that Branson himself tied the knot here. The island has several structures, and during "Celebration Weeks" (August to October), you may book an individual room. But you'll want the Balinese-style Temple House and Love Temple in the center of the island. It has an infinity-edge pool, open-air lounge, and panoramic views.

Petit St. Vincent

On 115 acres, Petit St. Vincent is a privately owned island resort in the Grenadines in the southern Caribbean. It was renovated in 2013 and has 22 cottages (perfect for a destination wedding), two restaurants, a treetop spa, and two miles of white sand beach. World-famous scuba diver and underwater explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau opened a PADI dive center on the island, making it particularly appealing to lovers of the deep

Guana Island

Seven beaches ring this 850-acre island in the British Virgin Islands. The entire private island can be rented, or sequester yourselves in one of Guana Island's 15 guest rooms.

Musha Cay

Expensive and exotic, Musha Cay bills itself as "the most luxurious private island resort in the world." This 700-acre Bahamas getaway surrounded by sugary beaches can accommodate a private party of up to 24 people. Guests can choose between staying in the Highview or Beach House, and they are catered to by a staff of forty.

Meridian Club

Twelve beach-front guest rooms on a private 800-acre island in the Turks & Caicos make this location worth considering for a destination wedding; a wedding coordinator is available. The honeymoon package includes champagne, a beach picnic, and a private dinner under the stars.

A Private Island for Non-Millionaires

The Renaissance Aruba Beach Resort & Casino has more than 500 rooms. It also has a private island that you can escape to. But it is not secluded; you have to share it with others. As a guest at the hotel, you have access to Renaissance Island, a 40-acre Caribbean atoll with two beaches just off the coast. Its facilities include watersports rentals, a grill, coffee bar, fitness center, and spa.

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