The 8 Best Private Island Resorts in Fiji

Venture to the tropics, find a private island to call your own, never return. There’s no denying that coconut-laden islands and escapism seem to go hand in hand. After all, there’s an entire ocean that seems like it will separate you from your worries.

Thanks to pesky visa expirations, you might need to head home eventually. Until then, these are the best private island resorts in Fiji, where you can enjoy thriving coral reefs, warm waters, seaside spa treatments, fresh food, and vibrant Fijian culture in solitude. No matter your budget, we’ve found resorts that range from ultra-luxe to basic yet quaint. 

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Yasawa Island Resort & Spa

Yasawa Island

Courtesy of Yasawa Island 

Yasawa Island Resort & Spa, 6GPH+8WP, Yasawa Island, Fiji
Phone +679 672 2266

At the remote edge of Fiji's Yasawa island chain is where you'll find Yasawa Island Resort and Spa. This luxurious all-inclusive getaway also happens to be one of the most romantic resorts in the region. Sweethearts can embark on a champagne picnic to one of the eleven private beaches on the island, where privacy is nearly guaranteed. A candlelit dinner in the sand will also help keep the spark alight. The resort is strictly adults-only except for dedicated weeks throughout the year when families are welcome.

Spend your days kayaking, standup paddling, exploring the nearby reefs on a snorkeling or scuba diving excursion, and visiting the famous Sawa-i-Lau caves, a spectacular cave system where "The Blue Lagoon" was filmed.

While the internet might not be reliable around (which is part of the resort's appeal), you will be able to connect with other guests at the weekly meke, a song and dance performance that takes place over dinner, as well as the friendly staff who hail from the six villages across the island. One- and two-bedroom standalone accommodations, called bures, are set on the beach. Each one is spacious with outdoor showers, lounge decks, and private hammocks over the sand. One-bedroom bures start at $620 per night.

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Kokomo Private Island Fiji

Kokomo Private Island

Courtesy of Kokomo

Yaukuve Levu Island, Fiji
Phone +679 776 4441

The act of traveling to Kokomo Private Island Fiji is an adventure. Your trip begins at a private hangar at Nadi International Airport, where you’re served fresh snacks and drinks before boarding a helicopter or seaplane to reach Kokomo Private Island Fiji.

The resort is found at the edge of the Great Astrolabe Reef, one of the most extensive fringing coral reefs in the world and a haven for incredible marine life like manta rays, reef sharks, sea turtles, and soft corals. Though it’s easy to spend all day scuba diving, snorkeling, and learning more about the island’s resident manta population through Kokomo’s collaboration with Manta Trust Fiji, a marine conservation organization, you’ll want to make plenty of time for the onsite spa and hilltop yoga shala.

Accommodations range from romantic beachside bures with private infinity pools to spacious family-friendly villas with panoramic views. Dining on Kokomo Private Island Fiji is a unique experience that manages to blend a laid-back ambiance with fine dining cuisine. Menus are updated daily with many dishes crafted from ingredients grown on the island’s farm. One-bedroom bures start at $1,995 per night.

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Octopus Resort

Octopus Resort

Courtesy of Octopus Resort 

Waya island Waya Island, Fiji
Phone +64 7 788 0139

Octopus Resort on Waya Island is one of the few resorts in Fiji where you can have many of the amenities and services of the four- and five-star hotels at a lower price, thanks to its dorm rooms with beds starting at just $23 per night. For guests who want privacy, there are also various suites, one-, two-, and three-bedroom villas that range from $250 to $1,077 per night.

Steps away from the resort is a spectacular coral reef with many types of soft corals, anemones (and their resident clownfish), sea turtles, reef sharks, eels, and other forms of sea life. The resort also hosts excursions to swim with manta rays, scuba and snorkel trips, village visits, and community quiz nights. If you’re a solo traveler, Octopus Resort is one of the best ways to meet others in a social environment without forgoing luxury. The active kids club with crafts workshops, dance lessons, games, and snorkel trips make this resort an easy pick for active families.

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Courtesy of Tavarua 

46V2+CM4, Nabila, Fiji

This tiny heart-shaped island is world-famous among surfers, as it once had exclusive rights to Cloudbreak, Fiji’s most iconic wave. While the wave is now open to all, surfers flock to Tavarua from around the globe thanks to its surfer-friendly reputation. A short boat ride connects surfers to a handful of world-class waves breaking along the Mamanuca island chain. Stays on Tavarua include all meals, ocean sports gear, snorkel excursions, as well as boat rides to and from the region’s best waves. For some time out of the water, there is also a spa, tennis court, volleyball court, and games room. Each day ends almost ceremoniously at the resort’s restaurant that overlooks a surf break of the same name.

Surrounding Tavarua’s sandy shoreline is a shallow and vibrant coral reef with neon bright giant clams. Palm trees pockmark the island’s interior, as do its jungle-inspired bures. A large villa sits on the island’s northeastern coast, claiming a corner all on its own. Guests must stay a full week at Tavarua. Rates for beach bure stays start at $2,975 per person per week.

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Laucala Island Resort

Laucala Island Resort

 Courtesy of Laucala Island Resort

Laucala Island, Fiji
Phone +679 888 0077

Laucala Island Resort, owned by Red Bull mogul Dietrich Mateschitz, holds claim to being Fiji’s most luxurious private island resort. It’s a favorite among celebrities and is often handed two extra unofficial stars to highlight how the resort stands out above the rest.

The trip to Laucala Island starts with a ride on a private jet to reach the island’s dedicated landing strip. Once on the island, you can retreat to one of the 25 villas. Each villa is unique though some come with a wraparound infinity pool, private jetty, yoga deck, and personal buggy to cruise around the island with.

Days at this all-inclusive are spent venturing underwater in the resort’s submarine, jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, playing golf at the 18-hole course, surfing, taking a private fitness class, or touring the resort’s dedicated farm. Staff members quickly learn your drink and food preferences, ensuring that you’re never long without a treat nearby. Much of the landscape is left wild, adding to the tropical ambiance. One-bedroom villas start at $6,100 per day. The entire island is available for rent as well for around $190,000 per day.

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Castaway Island

Castaway Fiji

 Courtesy of Castaway Fiji

Qalito Island, Fiji
Phone +679 666 1233

In the 2000 movie "Cast Away," the character played by Tom Hanks survives a plane crash and is marooned on a tropical island. While some viewers watched and hoped they'd never be caught in this situation, others daydreamed of their next trip tropical paradise. If you're one of the latter, venture to Castaway, a private island resort on Qalito Island near Monuriki Island, where the eponymous movie was filmed.

At this four-star resort, coconuts are served upon request—no scavenging needed. The resort's thatched roof Fijian bures complement the natural landscape with high ceilings decorated with Fijian artwork and accented with dark wooden furniture. Choose between bures tucked in the gardens or oceanfront bures primed for relaxing sunsets. Found in the Mamanuca island group, island-hop, scuba dive, surf, snorkel, and learn more about local culture through a memorable performance that includes food, song, and dance. Room rates start at $370 per night, excluding meals and most excursions.

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Matangi Island Resort

Matangi Island

 Courtesy of Matangi Island

768X+7P6, Togo Village, Fiji

No matter if you’re on a honeymoon or just looking for a romantic retreat, Matangi Island Resort is where you’ll find cliché white sand beaches, palm trees, and nine traditional thatched roof bures with bright décor accents inside. The pick of the property is no doubt the three additional treehouses that overlook the ocean and are complete with a deck that has a jacuzzi, outdoor shower, and king-sized daybed for prime lounge conditions. After days of swimming, spa treatments, and enjoying the scenery, guests convene at the spacious open-air dining room for gourmet meals made from local seasonal produce. Rooms start at $550 per night and include twice-daily snorkel trips, laundry service, and Wi-Fi.

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Leleuvia Island Resort

Leleuvia Island Resort

Courtesy of Leleuvia Island Resort 

Leleuvia Island, Suva, Fiji
Phone +679 999 2341

For those who find themselves in Suva, Fiji’s capital city, Leleuvia Island Resort is close enough for a quick weekend escape. All traffic and any semblance of city life is left behind when you board the resort’s shuttle boat for a 35-minute ride to the tiny private island. Private rooms start at $100 per night, with dorm beds being an affordable option for budget travelers at $30 per night.

The island is so small, kayaking a lap around its sandy shoreline is no large endeavor—but trips to nearby islands offer an escape in the unlikely event that you get island fever. A large open-air restaurant and lounge area welcomes guests with drink specials and live music while seaside dorm rooms and bures act as semi-secluded retreats. Though the resort has a volleyball court and outdoor gym, its standout activities all involve the ocean. It’s one of the few places in Fiji where you can learn to sail a drua, a traditional Fijian double-hull sailing boat. Under the sea’s surface, Leleuvia is also a standout resort for snorkeling. Giant clams, soft corals, reef sharks, and rug-sized anemones all exist steps away from the shoreline. The resort’s commitment to keeping harmful chemicals out of the ocean, combined with a coral gardening program, helps keep the reef pristine.

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The 8 Best Private Island Resorts in Fiji