Private Albuquerque Middle and High Schools

 Albuquerque's public school system is one of the largest in the U.S., so it stands to reason that there would be a large number of private schools as an alternative. The private high schools have annual open houses in the fall that allow prospective families to visit and get a feel for the school. 

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    Albuquerque Academy is an independent, co-educational day school located in the city's northeast heights. Offering grades 6-12, the school attracts those looking for a rigourous college preparatory atmosphere. Students must test to get in.

    Academy admits students in the fall of each year, but their admissions process begins the fall before the year of attendance, and usually closes in February. Though Academy's tuition is the highest in the city, financial assistance is available, as the school has a large endowment. 

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     Located in the city's north valley near the westside, Bosque School is a small, co-educational school for grades 6 through 12. Bosque School is known for its science program, which has students work on projects along the nearby river, called BEMP. It is also known for its sports and arts programs. Bosque's admission process begins in the fall with an open house. More in-depth visits include a campus tour, shadowing a Bosque student and interviewing an admission officer. 

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     Hope Christian School offers middle and high school as well as elementary and preschool classes in a Christian school setting. In addition to a year of religious studies, the school requires a specific number of community service hours for each year of attendance. Seniors participate in a senior internship.

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     Menaul School is a small, private day and boarding school in the heart of Albuquerque. The school emphasizes educating the whole child in mind, body and spirit. Their 6th through 12th grade school is both a day school and a boarding school, with most boarding students coming from international locations. Though Menaul was founded as a Presbyterian school, it teaches spirituality and has a religious studies program that is inclusive of all faiths. Students are required to fulfill community service hours at all grade levels, and seniors participate in a special internship requirement that gives them real world experience in a chosen field of study. About 98 percent of Menaul graduates go on to college.

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     Located in Albuquerque's north valley, Sandia Prep offers a college prepartory curricula to students in 6th through 12th grade. Known for its drama program as well as its high academic acheivements, it provides prospective families a fall open house and an admissions process similar to the other private schools. Sandia Prep has a summer program open to all students.Sandia Prep does not rank its students, and all its courses are honors level courses. Prep stresses higher level cognitive skills rather than rote learning, with an emphasis on reading, writing, discussion and critical thinking.  

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     Albuquerque's Roman Catholic high school provides a college preparatory experience for grades 9 through 12. Around 98 percent of St. Pius X graduates go on to college. The school offers many campus activities, to include the arts, sports, clubs and campus ministries. The 56 acre campus is located on Coors on Albuquerque's westside, overlooking the bosque. Curriculum includes eight semesters of theology.


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