Princess Cruise Ships Will Relaunch With “Land-Like” Wi-Fi Strong Enough to WFC

Work from home < Work from cruise

Princess Cruises

Courtesy of Princess

The pandemic has redefined cruises and our work-from-home status, so it’s only fitting that Princess Cruises recently announced it would be upgrading the onboard Wi-Fi on its global fleet of ships. According to the cruise line, the new MedallionNet will bring “land-like” internet speeds to the seas, which, if you’ve ever tried to do anything substantial online on a cruise ship, is a pretty dang big deal.

Forget working from home. If Princess’s new MedallionNet lives up to the hype, you’ll be able to work from ship—and participate in distance learning or conduct a secure transaction—while you travel from one exotic location to the next.

“Each Princess MedallionClass ship transmits enough bandwidth per vessel to guarantee a superior connection for each guest and the personal device they are using,” Princess said in a statement. “MedallionNet’s seamless integration ensures guests can work from their deck chairs as efficiently and effectively as in their office, with access to their cloud-based enterprise applications such as storage, videoconferencing, and email. And because there is an access point in every stateroom, as well as all public areas, guests can move freely around the ship as they work without any frustrating signal drops.”

Cruises have always been a dead zone when it comes to internet connectivity and reliability, and with more than 40 percent of the workforce still working from home, Princess is betting big that upping the internet ante will be a boon for the 36 million employees expected to be working from come 2025.

Princess's MedallionNet is made possible through its connectivity partner, SES, who will be adding new constellations of satellites to “super-charge” the ships’ onboard internet. This is the same service that executes Princess Cruises' OceanMedallion touchless service on its Medallion-class ships.

Somehow the continuation of Zoom calls and virtual classrooms doesn’t seem as unbearable if we’re able to log in from enviable remote locations. At the very least, you won’t have to fiddle with finding the perfect wanderlust background—you’ll be living it.

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