Montreal's 2019 Gay Pride Parade: Défilé de la Fierté Gai

The 2018 Pride Montreal Parade is on Sunday, August 19, 2018.

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Montreal's Gay Pride Parade takes place on August 18, 2019. It's is fun, flamboyant, and everyone is invited. Gay Pride week runs from Aug 8 – Aug 18, 2019, offers sporting events, conferences, free outdoor concerts, LGBT-welcoming. This year will be the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Riots which will add to the importance of the week in Canada.

More Than a Parade

The parade is an LGBTA tradition going strong since it was founded in 1979 when a group of 200 people commemorated New York City's 1969 Stonewall Riots with "Gairilla," the precursor to Montreal's Pride celebrations. The Pride Parade is a show of the community's solidarity, strength, and demand for the same respect, dignity, and basic rights as those granted to heterosexuals. Information on Pride activities and the history of the parade can be found on the Montreal Pride Celebration website.

The parade is generally held every mid-August and is preceded by a week of Pride activities and events. This year's parade starts at 1 p.m. and will begin at Metcalfe Street and end on Alexandre-DeSève Street. (map). Expect the parade to last two to three hours. Whether to bring children or not is an individual decision. Pride Montreal recommends you take public transport or walk to the parade.

The Pride Parade is part of a weeklong celebration with art, music, and entertainment. Annual events include a family-friendly Community Day and the Mega T-Dance, a huge celebration held right after the Pride Parade.

Information on Pride activities and the history of the parade can be found on the Montreal Pride Celebrations website. Visit before or after Pride and enjoy some of Montreal's Gay Village Summer Events.

Visiting Montreal During Pride Week

Montreal Pride Week attracts a lot of tourists, and with good reason. Taking place the week before the Pride Parade, It's one of the international LGBT community's favorite Pride destinations.

If you are going to be in Montreal overnight, look for hotels in or near the Montreal entertainment district. Most of these hotels are located a less-than-10-minute-walk from the Gay Village where the parade ends up. 

For a slightly longer walk from all the action, consider Old Montreal's most popular hotels. The ambiance oozes with European charm and panache. Alternately, Montreal's top boutique hotels make for an especially stylish stay.

While in Montreal, visit the Entertainment District (Quartier des Spectacles in French). Quartier des Spectacles is considered the city's cultural heartbeat and is the site of the city's biggest events, including the Montreal Jazz FestivalJust for LaughsMontréal en Lumière, and Nuit Blanche. In all, the district hosts roughly 40 festivals a year.

The district starts where downtown Montreal's shopping district ends, extending along ​Ste. Catherine Street east of Phillips Square, from City Councillors Street in the west to St. Hubert Street in the east bordering the Montreal Gay Village. Within its borders, covering one square kilometer, are 40 performance and bar venues as well as 40 exhibition spaces.

Montreal's Gay Village is one of the largest gay villages in North America. You'll find a nightlife hub of things to do with restaurants, bistros and some of Montreal's best nightclubs lining the district's main artery, Ste. Catherine Street.

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