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We’ve been wanting to eat at Prepkitchen for a long time, but never seemed to find a good time to go. So when we were recently in charge of picking a place to meet a friend who was in town for lunch and Del Mar was a good in between point for the two of us, we quickly jumped at the chance to have us meet at Prepkitchen and finally experience it.

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Part of the Whisknladle Family of Restaurants

Prepkitchen is part of the Whisknladle family of restaurants and serves contemporary dishes with comfort food details for both lunch and dinner.

As mentioned earlier, we ate at Prepkitchen for lunch and was pleasantly pleased by the menu. It had a good mix of both traditional lunch items like sandwiches and salads plus more eclectic entrees if you were looking for a more exciting lunch. 

We’d also heard good things about the bacon wrapped dates at Prepkitchen and that they were some of the best around so we ordered a plate as an appetizer for my friend and me. We were not disappointed. The bacon wrapped dates were made with blue cheese and turns out the “everything is better with cheese” mantra applies to bacon wrapped dates as well. Sweet, salty and creamy. Delicious.

For my entrée, we got the tuna melt. It wasn’t that exciting, but it sounded like the right fit for the rare rainy San Diego day that was happening outside. This wasn’t your average tuna melt, though. It had aged gouda melted on top of a tuna salad that had a kick to it thanks to caramelized onions and remoulade.

My friend got the cheese burger and it was one impressively decadent looking burger with a good heaping of gruyere, bacon, caramelized onions and an egg on top.

Creative Dishes

Other options for lunch include creative dishes like spinach and pickled naan sandwich, fusilli Bolognese and local mussels with fries.

The local mussels are also on the dinner menu and the seafood dish is one of the dishes Prepkitchen is most famous for. The dinner menu also has other heartier sounding option like mustard braised pork cheeks with lentils, asparagus and carrots; and seared albacore with potato salad, pickled beets, sauce ravigot, watercress and avocado. There are also lighter small plate options like harissa shrimp with fava beans and kale sprouts or a roasted beet and spinach salad with Satsuma, avocado, goat cheese, almonds and balsamic vinaigrette.

The Ambiance

Despite the delicious entrees with unique ingredients, our favorite part of Prepkitchen was the ambiance. It reminded me of a trendy library that you would find in a castle remodeled for the 21st century. The indoor dining room is small and intimate, but is light filled and airy. Bookshelves line the far wall and a collection of books provide fun titles to read during your meal.

Outside, you’ll find more seating on the covered patio that looks out onto Camino Del Mar, the main boulevard that runs through the heart of downtown Del Mar.

Prepkitchen Quick Tips

Address: 1201 Camino Del Mar, Del Mar (In addition to the Del Mar location, there are also Prepkitchen restaurants in La Jolla and Little Italy.)

Website: http://wnlhosp.com


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