Where To Get A Prenatal Massage in New York City

Have your pregnancy aches and pains rubbed away with a prenatal massage

While many New York City spas can cater their treatments to meet the needs of moms-to-be, these New York City spas specialize in giving pregnant women the attention they deserve, and a variety of treatments that are specifically geared toward their needs. Please note: Prenatal massages are only recommended after the first trimester of your pregnancy has passed and some spas require a note from your doctor approving you for a prenatal massage.

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Edamame Maternity Spa

Located in the lower level of the Destination Maternity complex, Edamame Maternity Spa offers a variety of treatments specifically oriented towards pregnant women. They have massage tables with the cut out pillows for your growing belly and a relaxing lounge with pregnancy tea, magazines for expectant moms and snacks.

Edamame Maternity Spa Essentials:

  • Address: 575 Madison Avenue (at 57th)
  • Phone: 212-588-1990
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Cornelia Day Resort

Maternity Spa
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The well-regarded Cornelia Day Resort offers prenatal massages (and post-natal ones as well) in an elegant environment that is sure to help you relax.

Cornelia Day Resort Essentials:

  • Address: 663 Fifth Ave. 8th Floor (52nd/53rd)
  • Phone: 212-871-3050
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Exhale Spa

Pre-natal messages
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30 and 60 minute ($85-110) prenatal massages are available at Exhale Spas two peaceful Manhattan locations.

Exhale Spa Central Park South Essentials:

  • Address: 150 Central Park South
  • Phone: 212-249-3000

Exhale Spa Upper East Side Essentials:

  • Address: 980 Madison Avenue
  • Phone: 212-249-3000
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Oasis Day Spa

Prenatal Message
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Oasis Day spa offers 30, 45 and 60 minute prenatal massages ($65-100) and they've got the special pillows for the table that allow a pregnant woman to lay on her stomach during the massage.

Oasis Day Spa Essentials:

  • Three Locations:
    1. Oasis on Park - One Park Avenue (32nd/33rd)
    2. Oasis Day Spa at the Affinia Dumont Hotel - 150 East 34th Street (Lex/3rd Avenues)
    3. Oasis at JetBlue - JFK Airport - JetBlue Airways, Terminal 6
  • Phone: 212-254-7722
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