Pregnancy and Disney World Rides

What to Ride When You're Expecting

As long as you are in good health, there is no reason to avoid heading to Disney World while pregnant. You may not be able to climb on to every ride in the place, but there are still plenty of activities to keep you busy and entertained. If you are traveling with a group, use the time when others ride to grab a snack or take a quick break from walking. Knowing in advance what types of rides to avoid while pregnant will save you some walking time and cut down on disappointment.

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Choosing the Right Disney World Rides

Dumbo the Flying Elephant
Courtesy of Walt Disney World News

Any ride that is safe for a toddler or preschooler is likely safe for you as well. Most rides without height restrictions are safe for healthy pregnant women, though safe doesn't always equal comfortable. If you are in a later stage of pregnancy, the boats on "it's a small world" may be too low to get in and out of comfortably, even though the ride itself is not rough or jarring.

Pick up a park map when you arrive and note the rides that have height restrictions. While you won't be zipping around Splash Mountain, rides like the Haunted Mansion and the Jungle Cruise will still offer you plenty of Disney fun.

Tip: If you wait in line and then change your mind about a ride, ask the cast member at the loading area for the nearest exit.

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Disney World Rides to Avoid During Pregnancy

Tomorrowland Speedway
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Any ride that subjects passengers to high speeds, jarring bumps and huge drops is worth passing on during pregnancy. Some rides seem benign, but may come to sudden stops or have unexpected drops. The Tomorrowland Speedway looks like a low-speed, gentle ride; and for most adult drivers it is. The problem with the Speedway? There are plenty of child drivers on the track, making collisions a daily event. Pass on the Speedway and any other rides that are under "kiddie control" for best results.

Tip: Any ride with "Mountain" in the name is out, as are any rides with the words "thrilling", "high speed" or "plunge" in the description.

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Disney World Water Parks and Pregnancy

Typhoon Lagoon
Courtesy of Walt Disney World News

While the big water coasters and slides are out for pregnant visitors, you can still enjoy the Disney World water parks. Both Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach have swimming areas that are suitable for pregnant travelers; Typhoon Lagoon's lazy river is a particularly nice spot to rest up and cool off on a hot day. Consider bypassing the wave pools, though; while the waves themselves won't harm you, the human projectiles riding them might knock you down.

Approach Shark Reef in Typhoon Lagoon with caution if you have never tried it. For those who take the plunge, the extra buoyancy of the salt water is simply wonderful, particularly in the late months of pregnancy. Once you experience it you may not want to get out of Shark Reef at all.

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