The Top Things to See in Prague

You can't visit Prague without seeing the following sights. These Prague must-see sights are what make it one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern and Central Europe. Charles Bridge, Old Town Prague, Castle Hill, and New Town Prague offer some of the most famous attractions in the Czech capital.

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Charles Bridge Prague

Czechia, Prague, view to the historic city with Old Town Bridge Tower and Charles Bridge
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Charles Bridge, also known as "Karlov Most," is a fixture of Prague life and the connection between Prague's Old Town and Prague's New Town. Decorated with statues, a popular place for food and souvenir vendors, and crowded with locals and travelers alike from sun-up to sun-down, Charles Bridge crosses Prague's Vlatva River.

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Prague Castle on Castle Hill

Urban Gardening
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Prague Castle requires several hours to explore thoroughly, but the effort is well worth it. Here visitors can watch the changing of the castle guard, view artwork from various centuries, peer back into the time of medieval Czech kings, experience the Gothic beauty of St. Vitus Cathedral, and even enjoy a classical music concert.

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St. Vitus Cathedral on Castle Hill

St. Vitus Cathedral of Prague
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If you can't spend a day at Prague Castle, at least pay a visit to St. Vitus Cathedral. This Gothic Cathedral boasts a beautiful rose window and stained glass designed by the famous Czech Art Nouveau artist, Alfons Mucha, and sculpture, paintings, and other artwork from famous and skilled Czech artists and craftsmen. This Prague sight would be popular with crowds even if it wasn't free, but the lack of admission feel makes it even more attractive.

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Astronomical Clock and Old Town Square

Prague Astronomical Clock
Ventura Carmona/Getty Images

The Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square is one of Prague's most popular sights. The original parts of the clock date back to the 1400s, but the clock has been updated throughout the centuries. Figures emerge from the clock upon the hour. Be prepared for crowds eager to watch the clock's mechanisms if you're trying to snap photos.

Old Town Prague is a hub of Prague life and culture. Dine, shop, listen to music or catch a seasonal festival on this historic square.

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Municipal House in Old Town Prague

Municipal House, Old Town, Prague, Czech Republic
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The Municipal House, with its Art Nouveau charm, is beautiful both inside and out. The Municipal House's terrific interior and exterior details were created by some of Prague's leading artists at the turn of the 20th century.

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Old Jewish Cemetery in the Jewish Quarter of Old Town Prague

Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague
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Hauntingly beautiful, the Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague's Old Town Jewish Quarter is a memorable Prague sight that contains the remains of over 3 centuries of Jewish ghetto inhabitants.

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Jerusalem Synagogue in New Town Prague

Jewish Synagogue in New Prague
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Whether or not you visit Old Town's Jewish Quarter, you'll want to swing by New Town Prague's Jerusalem Synagogue. The facade of this structure is colorful and delights with detail - stripes, scrollwork, and pillars make the Jerusalem Synagogue a remarkable example of early 20th-century architecture.

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The Dancing Building in New Town Prague

dancing Buildings of prague with trail lights at night Images

Also known as "Fred and Ginger," the Dancing Building simulates movement while maintaining its functionality. Its innovative design and surprising use of curvature have given it notoriety. If you would like to enjoy views of Prague from the Dancing Building, reserve a table at the top-floor restaurant, Celeste.

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Petrin Hill Observatory

Eiffel Tower Replica Petrin Park, Prague
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The Petrin Hill Observatory is nothing much to look at from the ground but will give visitors panoramic views of Prague.

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