Prague in October: Weather, What to Pack, and What to See

Prague Castle, St Veit Cathedral and golden towers from Petrin Hill
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October is an excellent month to travel to Prague. Cool fall weather with average highs in the 50s, and musical and art events make for pleasant, memorable outings in the Old Town or to nearby villages. With the number of tourists drastically reduced from the high summer season, many travelers agree that Prague in autumn is not only easy on the pocketbook, but it's also a beautiful time to tour this historic city.

October Weather in Prague

October in Prague definitely feels like fall, with cool afternoons and chilly nighttime temperatures that last into the morning hours. Evenings can be chilly, too, as the sun sinks below the horizon. October trends to the dry direction as the month goes on. High temperatures in the afternoon average 56 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees Celsius) with the average lows at night 39 degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius).

October can be rainy—the average rainfall is 1 inch (25 mm) over 16 rainy days with an average humidity of 81 percent.

What to Pack for Prague in October

Autumn breezes can add to the pre-winter nip in the air, so if you're susceptible to chills, bring along a cashmere wrap or lightweight scarf for your neck that will help you stay warm when you need to but can also be stuffed into your bag when you don't.

Short bursts of warmer temperatures are possible, particularly at the beginning of the month as the summer weather may make a brief appearance before the year moves into winter. Layers are always the best idea in any season and that is definitely the case in Prague in October. Take along sweaters or a light waterproof jacket that can be layered over cotton tops or heavier sweaters. Have both weights on hand as basic layers so you can deal with swings in the temperature either daily or over your visit.

Ankle boots or other comfortable walking shoes are a must for touring. 

October Holidays and Events in Prague

In October music takes over the city with classical to jazz being played at a variety of venues. Look, also, for contemporary design events during Designblok.

  • Strings of Autumn: Perfect for stringed instrument lovers, this musical showcase features musicians from around the world performing in genres from classical to jazz at concert venues throughout the city.
  • Designblok: This is Prague's annual celebration of contemporary fashion and design where you'll see exhibitions of fashion, jewelry, home furnishings, and interior design and learn about new and established creative Czech talent.
  • Prague Signal Festival: For four days Prague lights up after the sun goes down. The Signal Festival is a festival of light installations and is one of the major cultural events in the Czech Republic. Experts in light design bring artistic lighting to Prague’s streets and public areas and its most popular historical monuments. The lighting changes over the four evenings and captures the different facades of today’s and yesterday’s Prague.
  • Coffee Festival: The Prague Coffee Festival takes place in mid-October at the Prague Market. Enjoy excellent coffees from around the world, learn about coffee roasting. Your ticket will provide you with unlimited coffee tasting during the event.
  • Foundation of the Republic Day, October 28th, is a nationally recognized Czech holiday that celebrates the day Czechoslovakia became independent from the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1918—Slovakia and the Czech Republic split in 1993. On this day places inaccessible at other times, like government buildings and the Mayor's residence are open to the public. The tours are mainly in English.

    These events are not the only ones filling Prague's events calendar for the month. Smaller concerts and performances, evening concerts in Prague's historic spaces, and museum exhibitions also take place this time of the year. Check out events calendars before your arrival or ask your hotel to recommend activities and events happening during your stay.

    October Travel Tips

    • Hours of operation for some Prague sights are shortened in October, and some day trips from Prague become less worthwhile as doors to attractions are shut for the winter or operate on reduced schedules. If you plan to take a day trip from Prague, check ahead of time to make sure that your desired destination will still be open when you plan to visit.
    • Try cold-weather Prague street food, including the traditional rolled pastries hot off the roller and tart-but-sweet mulled wine. Traditional Czech food is also a winner when temperatures drop—hearty roasted meats, healthy portions of potatoes, and a tankard of beer help keep even the busiest sightseer fueled for more.
    • Experiencing rainy weather or a chilly afternoon? Check out galleries and exhibitions about Czech art, history, and culture.
    • Stop into shops selling Czech-made products for great souvenirs and gifts. Christmas is coming up and the Christmas markets open at the beginning of November.
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