May in Prague: Weather, What to Pack, and What to See

Prague river
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Spring makes a lovely time of year for a visit to the Czech capital, called Praha by the locals, before the crowds of summer swarm the city. The weather turns pleasantly warm and trees burst into white and purple and pink and yellow blooms. Expect plenty of sunshine in Prague in May, but expect some rain, too.

May Weather in Prague

Springtime temperatures in Prague fluctuate from lows in the mid-40s to high in the mid-60s but begin the warm up throughout the month. The city's restaurants start to maximize their outdoor seating capacity this month, but the weather can change unexpectedly, from sunny and warm one minute to raining the next.

  • Average May temperature: 56 degrees Fahrenheit (14 degrees Celsius) 
  • May average high: 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius)
  • May average low: 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius)

Prague can be a bit gray and rainy throughout May. Expect rain on approximately 17 days out of the month, with a total accumulation of 2.7 inches. The city receives eight hours of sunshine, on average, throughout the day.

Packing List for Prague in Spring

Though temperatures start to warm up with spring, rain showers can dampen your sightseeing plans. Keep this in mind when you pack for May travel to Prague. On most days, you'll still want to dress cozily, wearing  Don't forget a water-resistant jacket, waterproof shoes, and an umbrella. Additionally, breezy conditions can make temperatures feel much colder than they actually are, so bring versatile layers for warmth.

May Events in Prague

May 1 (Labor Day) and May 8 (Liberation Day) are nationally recognized Czech holidays. This means some public institutions and attractions may close or operate at reduced hours. Additionally, the city hosts many other unique events throughout the month, ranging from cultural celebrations to beer-drinking festivals.

  • Prague Spring International Music Festival takes place in May with more than 50 performances ranging from orchestral to chamber to contemporary music. Concerts held throughout the city require advance ticket purchases, so plan ahead. Sales typically begin in December.
  • The Czech Beer Festival in Prague takes place from the middle of May until the end of the month. Take advantage of this event to sample beer from more than 150 breweries, large and small, in the Czech Republic.
  • Prague's Night of Churches is a free event held toward the end of May. Many of Prague's churches are open to the public and organize concerts, tours, and religious services.
  • The Czech Republic's relationship with marionettes and puppeteering means that Prague makes a good venue for the World Festival of Puppet Art happening this month.
  • The Khamoro Festival showcases Roma culture, including Gypsy music and dances.
  • Prague Fringe takes place throughout the city with hand-picked comedy, theater, and spoken-word performances performed either in English or through non-verbal communication. Another theater festival, called Mezi Ploti, or Between the Fences, aims to call attention to the topic of mental illness and takes place at the Bohnice psychiatric facility.
  • The Prague Food Festivala three-day celebration of Czech food and other cuisines, turns the spotlight on 22 of the country's top restaurants. In the gardens of Prague Castle, the festival also explores beer and wine pairings for food.
  • Events taking place during May include the international Book World Prague literary festival, the Prague International Marathon, and the International Tattoo Convention.

May Travel Tips

  • Tourist crowds thicken in May as the weather warms. Plan your trip carefully so that you can see major sites such as Prague Castle without waiting in lines. 
  • Spring in Prague sees an increase in scammers, so arm yourself with tips for avoiding pickpockets in the Czech capital.