July in Prague: Weather, What to Pack, and What to See

Tourists at the Old Town Square, Prague
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July is high season for European travel, and that, of course, includes Prague. You can expect crowds and possibly lines everywhere—at attractions and in restaurants, cafes, and pubs. You'll definitely need reservations in advance for your hotel, and you might pay more for it during the summer high season. But the huge plus side to this in Prague: splendid summer weather. If you're sizzling in July wherever you live in the U.S., Prague will double as a cool getaway and a memorable travel experience that includes gorgeous vistas, history galore, and world-class architecture, complete with the spires for which this city is known.

Prague Weather in July

July's weather varies little from the start to the end of the month, with average afternoon highs running between 73 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit, and lows hovering between 56 and 58 degrees. It can reach into the 80s on some days. It just does not get much better than this in July, with warm but usually not hot afternoons and cool but not chilly nights. Evenings stay warm enough to eat and drink outside as the sun sets on these longest days of the year. On the negative side, it is relatively cloudy in July in Prague, and the chances of rain are about 1 in 3 throughout the month.

What to Pack

Summertime anywhere means lightweight clothing. That goes for Prague as well. Take capri pants, lightweight long pants or jeans, preferably in light colors that will be more comfortable. Short-sleeved cotton or knit tops are a good choice for comfort on warmer days. Pack a shawl or lightweight cardigan for evenings or include a lightweight or jeans jacket.

It's high summer and sandals and/or canvas summer shoes, like espadrilles or sneakers, should be on the list. Be sure to include shoes that have some support for walking on Prague's cobblestone streets and on any rainy days. A flowing long skirt is a classy addition for evenings out, and it takes up little room in your bag.

Pick one that goes with tops and wraps you are taking. It's smart to pack an umbrella for a trip to Prague in July.

July Events in Prague

  • The Prague Proms take place over several weeks in June and July. This annual concert series is held at Smetana Hall at Municipal House.
  • The New Prague Dance Festival is a competition that draws dancers from all over the world to show their stuff in classic, modern, Latino, jazz, hip-hop, and folk dance.
  • Saints Cyril and Methodius Day (July 5) is a national holiday; entertainment and attraction venues keep normal hours, but shops might be open for limited times. The same goes for Jan Hus Day, July 6.
  • The Prague Folklore Days festival is an end-of-July free folk entertainment event that takes place on Prague's famous squares.

July Travel Tips

  • Book your hotel and flights well in advance if you plan to travel to Prague in July.
  • Reservations for restaurants might be required, especially for dinner.
  • Prepare for large crowds. Charles Bridge will be congested, and major attractions will require waits, including sights at Prague Castle. 
  • Be wary of Prague pickpockets who work most efficiently in crowded areas.
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