Prague in Autumn

Things to Do and See During the Fall

Charles Bridge over the River Vltava in Prague, Czech Republic
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Autumn is a great time to travel to Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. The city begins to shed the frenetic attitude resulting from the multitude of international tourists that pack its main thoroughfare that make any visit to major sights a significant time investment. The fall-weather nip starts to be felt in the air, creating the perfect excuse to warm up with a glass of Czech beer or a hearty meal in one of the city's restaurants. Even if you've traveled to Prague before during another time of year, consider visiting in the autumn; it may very well become your favorite season to enjoy the City of a Thousand Spires.

Autumn Weather in Prague

Weather for Prague in fall has the potential to be chilly. However, expect leftover summer warmth during the days if you travel in early September. Towards the middle of October and into November, colder temperatures begin to be felt. Mornings and evenings will almost certainly be chilly, even when the sky is clear.

Pack long sleeves and layering pieces as well as a jacket or coat. Consider what end of the autumn season you'll be traveling: you may only need a sweater if you're traveling in September, but if your trip is in November, you will require outerwear even during the day.

Fall Events

Fall Prague events will appeal to music lovers. The Sacred Arts Music Festival, featuring choral, gospel, and other sacred music, runs through the month of September. Also look for the popular Prague Autumn music festival, an anticipated event that follows in the tradition of Prague Spring. In October, the International Jazz Festival celebrates one of the city's favorite types of music.

Fall Activities

Travel to Prague in autumn is a relaxed affair. Fewer lines at major attractions such as St. Vitus Cathedral makes taking in the city enjoyable, so be sure to hit Prague's must-see sights or any other sights that you have missed on previous trips to the Czech capital.

Tuck into some hearty Czech fare, which may be too heavy for summer weather, while you're in Prague during fall. Meat dishes are most often accompanied by potato or bread dumplings. You'll also find warming soups and stews on Czech restaurant menus. Prague's restaurants will keep their patios open as long as weather permits—outdoor heaters will keep you cozy and allow you to watch evening fall as you enjoy your meal.

Consider participating in one of Prague's seasonal events or checking museums for special exhibitions. When the weather gets too cold for outdoor sightseeing, head indoors to any one of Prague's museums.

Booking a Hotel for Fall Travel to Prague

Making hotel reservations for fall travel to Prague is easier than it is during summer when centrally located hotels fill up with tourists who want to travel during the hottest season. While booking well in advance is still recommended, a greater variety of rooms will be available and prices may be more favorable. If staying in Old Town isn't important to you, consider one of the other well-located areas of historic Prague, such as Mala Strana or the Castle District.

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