Famous and Interesting Prague Cafes

Mostecka street in the moring, Mala Strana, Prague, Czech Republic
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Prague's most famous cafes were favorite meeting places for intellectuals, writers, and artists, and they cultivated a culture at the turn of the 20th century that catapulted their reputations into the international sphere. Each one has its own vibe. These are historic establishments that have decadent decor, delicious desserts, and extensive drink menus. Prague's modern cafes may not have been patronized by Albert Einstein or Franz Kafka, but they offer great views, excellent coffee, and grab-and-go convenience, along with a sense of place and past.

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    Cafe Slavia, Prague
    Cafe Slavia

    Cafe Slavia, or Kavarna Slavia, is Prague's most famous cafe. It opened before the turn of the 20th century in what is now Old Town and has long been a hotspot for artists, writers, and dissidents, the most famous one is Vaclav Havel before he became president of the Czech Republic. But Cafe Slavia isn't relying on its history to keep its reputation alive. With views of the National Theater, Charles Bridge, and beyond that, Castle Hill, as well as a menu with plenty of variety (coffees, beers, sandwiches, pastries), Cafe Slavia is also a great place to relax and enjoy the rhythm of Prague.


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    Prague municipal house
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    The Municipal House Cafe, or Kavarna Obecni dum, is an Art Nouveau delight inside the famous Municipal House in New Town. High ceilings dripping with chandeliers, tall windows to let in light that glitters off of every surface, and gold-plated detailing that make interiors from the early 1900s so luxurious transport cafe guests into a more decadent era. Grab a hot drink while you wait for the next tour of the equally stunning Municipal House to begin.


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    Cafe Louvre, Prague, Czechia
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    Cafe Louvre's was a favorite of such A-listers as Franz Kafka and Albert Einstein. This Art Nouveau-style Prague cafe in Old Town advertises Viennese coffee and offers an extensive menu of hot and cold drinks, snacks, desserts, and meals (breakfast through dinner).

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    Prague Cafe Imperial
    Cafe Imperial

    Cafe Imperial's luxurious interior is a must-see if you're taking in the best of Prague's cafes. Interior design details from floor to ceiling will have your eyes roving. Cafe Imperial is in New Town Prague.


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    Grand Hotel Europa in Prague
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    Even if you aren't staying in Hotel Evropa, one of Prague's grand hotel establishments, you can still check out its cafe. The location right on Wenceslas Square in New Town Prague makes it convenient for a break from sightseeing or shopping.


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    Grand Cafe Orient
     Grand Cafe Orient

    Grand Cafe Orient is located in the House of the Black Madonna in Old Town and retains the Cubist touches that make it so unique—and that made it fall out of fashion in the 1920s. The re-opening of the Grand Cafe Orient maintains the spirit of the original cafe, which makes it very different from the Art Nouveau establishments elsewhere in Prague. Enjoy a cup of coffee in the creatively decorated interior or out on the terrace.


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    The facade of Ebel Coffee House in the Old Town.
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    Ebel Coffee House is prized more for its quality coffee than it is its atmosphere, so if you're looking for a really good brew, head to this Old Town Prague cafe. One location is in the Tyn Church courtyard. You'll be able to sit outside and enjoy your cup of joe, sandwich, or dessert on the patio in pleasant weather.


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    Bohemia Bagel Café
     Bohemia Bagel Café

    Bohemia Bagel, near Old Town Square, has none of the Old World charm found in many of Prague's 19th- and early 20th-century cafes; this is a new, fast-food-style establishment. You'll encounter rowdy families and a take-out or dine-in service style. But Bohemia Bagel has a generous variety of light bites and acts as a decent compromise for parties whose members consist of both carnivores and vegetarians.

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    La Dolce Vita, Prague
    La Dolce Vita

    La Dolce Vita is an Italian Prague cafe that occupies two stories in the Jewish Quarter. If you're craving Italian espresso or gelato, this is the place to go.


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    The Globe Bookstore, Prague
    The Globe Bookstore

    The Globe in New Town is a well-established cafe in one of Prague's favorite (and English-language) bookstores. Catering to students and intellectuals, the Globe Cafe serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, happy hour, and dinner, as well as coffee and cocktails. And if you have a jones for an all-American burger, salads, pasta, or an American-style weekend brunch, you'll love the Globe's menu.