Popular Camping Recipes for Every Meal

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Food always tastes better in the great outdoors, under the stars, and at the campground. These easy recipes are organized by meal including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and include camping classics like foil pack hobo dinners, hot dogs, and campfire s'mores.

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    Camping Recipes for Dinner and Main Course

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    The evening meal centers around a main course or camping dinner entree that usually consists of some kind of meat dish. Here you'll find camping recipes that use beef, fish, pork or poultry as the main ingredient. Cooking methods might require a camp stove, Dutch oven or grill. And some can be cooked over the campfire.

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    Check out the dozens of camping recipes for breakfast. Here you'll find everything from classic camping recipes like Eggs in a Hat and Campfire Eggs to quick and easy camping recipes like French Toast.

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    Chicken fajitas at a campsite
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    Chicken is a liked by many, many people, and there are so many different ways to prepare chicken that everyone has a camping recipe for it. Some are easy, like Chicken Fajitas while others are more involved.

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    Dutch ovens allow you to bake at the campground any recipe that you would normally prepare in your oven at home. The possibilities are endless. All you need to do is learn the proper ratio of charcoals to use above and below the Dutch oven to reach the desired cooking temperature.

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    Besides lots of s'mores recipes, you'll find plenty of other yummy camping recipes for desserts that both kids and adults will enjoy.

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    The more I go camping, the more I look for ways to do things that are quick, easy and convenient. When it comes to campground cooking, it doesn't get any easier than these camping recipes cooked in one pot and easily adjusted to feed a few people or a crowd.

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    sliced steak
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    "Where's the beef?" Well, look no further. Here you'll find plenty of great beef camping recipes that will satisfy all you meat lovers. There's everything from Beef Stew simmered in a Dutch oven to a perfect A-1 Steak cooked on the grill.

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    No-cook easy campground cooking tuna salad
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    These no-cook camping recipes that require usually involve just mixing or assembling some ingredients. That's easy, but the finished dish may require refrigeration.

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    Charcoal Grilling at Camp
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    There's nothing like burgers on the grill, but ground beef is used in many recipes other than hamburgers on a bun. Many of these ground beef recipes are cooked in foil packs or they use ground beef as the main ingredient in a one pot meal.

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    When it comes to lunchtime, soup or sandwiches are popular for the campground. Here are our favorite ideas for camping recipes for lunch.

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    A few camping food essentials will make campground cooking simple and fun.
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    Be sure to bring some potatoes when you go camping. They are great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Wrap a potato in foil, toss it in the coals and voila, baked potato.

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    Corned beef Spaghetti for the campground.
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    If you can boil water, you can make pasta. It pairs well with meats and sauces or in soups and stews.

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    Campground grilling
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    All you need is a grill, some fuel (charcoal or bottled gas), a match and some food to throw on the BBQ. Whether it's meat, fish, poultry, fruits or vegetables, everything all tastes great when it's grilled at the campground.

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    Camping Recipes Using Hotdogs

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    Everyone loves sitting around a campfire roasting hotdogs on a stick. But hotdogs can be the main ingredient in other recipes too. Want to try something different than a hotdog on a bun? Try substituting metts, brats, Italian sausage, Polish sausage, or Kielbasa.

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    Camping Recipes for Breads

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    Campground chefs will love making their own bread over the campfire. You won't be mixing and kneading any dough, but there are some great camping recipes for muffins, biscuits and other goodies.

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    Camping Recipes Using Eggs

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    Campground egg recipes are great for a complete breakfast or meal. A carton of eggs should be in every camping cooler and can be prepared many ways.

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    Camping Recipes For Appetizers

    Cooking at the campground is simple and delicious with a few camping food essentials.
    ••• Cooking at the campground is simple and delicious with a few camping food essentials. Morsa Images/Getty Images

    One of the best parts about camping is hanging around your campsite and eating with friends and family. Camping recipes for snacks and munchies are great appetizers.

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