Post-Outside Lands Late-Night Bites

Where to eat, feast, or inhale a meal post-festival

Andrew Jorgenson; Courtesy of Outside Lands Music Festival

Outside Lands Music Festival is back this weekend, and along with it come great music acts, a lot of amazing food trucks, and more wine, beer, and cocktails than you could possibly consume. So you won't go hungry inside the festival, but what about after you've finally emerged from the dark abyss that is Golden Gate Park after hours? Chances are you’ll be starving again. Fortunately for you, the area’s late night food game is strong. Whether you’re trying to get fancy or just trying to fill the hungry void, skipping the last act or staying until the bitter end, here is a list of where to refill afterwards.


3319 Balboa St.
Neighborhood: Outer Richmond
Distance from Land's End Stage: 15 minute walk

Get ready to feast. Oh, and to order. This dumpling spot gets packed on weekends, and then staff has figured out it’s easier to take your order while you’re still waiting outside. The upside of that is that you get hot food almost immediately after you sit down. And that food is delicious. Whatever you order—and you’ll be tempted to order everything—don’t skip the Shanghai Soup Dumplings or the Spicy Pork and Chive dumplings.

3639 Balboa St.
Neighborhood: Outer Richmond
Distance from Land's End Stage: 15 minute walk

Ramen is the name of the game at this new hole in the wall. Half of the menu is dedicated to building your own ramen bowl, from the broth to the goodies and the meat (or lack thereof). Call ahead to put your name on the list to avoid having to wait a minute more than is necessary in the fog.


309 Clement St.
Neighborhood: Inner Richmond
Distance from Land's End Stage: 11 minute cab ride

You’re probably not very familiar with Burmese cuisine. Just think of it as the perfect merger between Thai and Indian cuisine. Burma Superstar is the best Burmese grub this city has to offer (true, there aren’t a huge amount of options). You’ll always see a line snaking out of this place so be ready to wait. 

4019 Judah St.
Neighborhood: Outer Sunset
Distance from Land's End Stage: 20 minute walk

Nothing hits the spot like gooey enchiladas with a side of rice and beans. Celia’s by the Beach has been a neighborhood favorite since 1960. Back then, Celia opened up a burger shake, and finally worked up the courage to serve her enchiladas, which were a major hit. The food is still delicious, the interior has all sorts of Outer Sunset funk, and the margaritas are served in cactus glasses.


1396 La Playa St.
Neighborhood: Outer Sunset
Distance from Land's End Stage: 26 minute walk

Sometimes, you just want a good sandwich. And Java Beach Café will supply just that, plus a Lagunitas to wash it down with. The Bonfire Delight is a drunchie favorite, with warm roast beef and melted cheddar cheese between a Dutch Crunch roll and dosed with sesame ginger sauce. Heads up: they stop making hot sandwiches at 10:30 p.m.


1824 Irving St.
Neighborhood: Inner Sunset
Distance from Land's End Stage: 28 minute walk

Three words: Nick’s. Crispy. Tacos. A crispy corn tortilla envelops a soft tortilla that holds Monterey Jack, pinto beans, pico de gallo, and your choice of meat. It will change your life. Plus, there is lots of beer to choose from and there will likely be sports on every television (news flash: it’s a sports bar).

1725 Haight St.
Neighborhood: Haight-Ashbury
Distance from Land's End Stage: 13 minute cab ride

Pork fritters with kale and white bean-apricot purrée. Japanese sweet potato curry. Grass fed lamb loin with rye mustard—is your mouth watering yet? This bar is so much more than a bar, serving up small plates until midnight on Saturdays (note: kitchen is only open until 11 p.m. on Fridays and Sundays). Come for the food but stay for the drinks, like their famous mint julep or the gin, orange juice, and grenadine-laced Monkey's Gland. 


4014 Geary Blvd.
Neighborhood: Inner Richmond
Distance from Land's End Stage: 9 minute cab ride

As is usually the case with barbecue, this place is all about the meats. This Japanese joint serves us filet mignon, hangar steaks, and short ribs for prices meant to be easy on the wallet. Start off with the miso egg flower soup and let your inner carnivore lead you from there.


3814 Noriega St.
Neighborhood: Outer Richmond
Distance from
Land's End Stage: 9 minute cab ride

This tiny Korean restaurant is actually run out of someone’s garage. But once you step inside any feeling of being in someone’s basement leaves your mind. Nautical ropes and entangled plants give the dining room a tropical feeling, as will the food. Opt for the kimchi tofu (beware, it’s spicy) and the fried chicken wings.

3840 Geary Blvd.
Neighborhood: Inner Richmond
Distance from
Land's End Stage: 10 minute cab ride

No frills are necessary for late night pizza by the slice. It’s just hot, gooey pies with a sturdy crust to hold it up. Oh, and oregano and Parmesan chained down to the countertops. It’s a recipe for success that’s worked since they opened shop in 1983. The Nazario’s Special, with pepperoni, bell peppers, mushrooms, red onions, and sausage, is all that is good about pizza.

560 Divisadero St.
Neighborhood: NoPa
Distance from
Land's End Stage: 14 minute cab ride

If you’re eating dinner at 1AM, you should just go all out. Nopa is the place to do that. Killer craft cocktails keep your buzz going while the kitchen whips up entrees fit for a king like pork chops with grilled peaches or a rotisserie chicken doused with tzatziki. You’ll pay a pretty penny, but it’ll be worth it.


Getting out of the park after the music is over can be daunting and, unfortunately, cabs aren’t going to save you. So we made a quick cheat sheet of what roads to follow to get to your neighborhood of choice. For perspective, check out last year's map

TO GET TO THE RICHMOND: From the Land's End Stage (a.k.a. the Polo Fields) head due north out to 36th Avenue around Sprekel’s Lake and out to Fulton. From there, call a cab or walk to your destination. *

*If you’re headed back to the east side of the city (i.e. the Marina, Cow Hollow, North Beach) it’s a good idea to come out on this side.

TO GET TO THE INNER SUNSET: From the Twin Peaks Stage (a.k.a Hellman’s Hollow), head east on John F. Kennedy Drive. Follow that until you find Traverse Drive (right before the overpass) and take a right. Follow Traverse until Martin Luther King Drive out to Lincoln Way. Call a cab or walk to your destination. *

* If you’re headed back to the Mission, SoMa, or Noe Valley, hail a cab from this side of the park.

TO GET TO THE OUTER SUNSET: From the Land's End Stage (a.k.a. the Polo Fields) head west on John F. Kennedy Drive. Continue down John F. Kennedy (past the bison paddock) until you reach Chain of Lakes Drive and take a left. Continue on Chain of Lakes until Lincoln Way. Call a cab or walk to your destination. 

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