5 Things To Do After You Walk the Brooklyn Bridge — Brooklyn Heights

Museums, Picnic Spots, Victorian Walking Tour

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So, you've walked across the Brooklyn Bridge! (How long is the walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, anyway?)

Here are five places to relax, including a few indoors locations where visitors can find some air conditioning (in summer) or (warmth in winter), use the bathrooms, and grab a bite or drink.

Visit Historic Brooklyn Heights

Historic Brooklyn Heights is about a ten or fifteen-minute walk from the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge.

In Brooklyn Heights, visitors can:

1. Learn about Brooklyn's past, see movies, hear lectures. Spend a half hour or an hour at the visitor-friendly Brooklyn Historical Society. It may sound a tad stuffy, but with exhibits about "dem bums," the Brooklyn Dodgers, and other Brooklyn icons, this one isn't. And, it's located in a gem of a building, with a wonderful wood-paneled library, interesting exhibits, and an active calendar of lectures and movies.

2. Enjoy the "photo op" at of one of the Big Apple's most picturesque skyline views. Walk to the very end of Brooklyn Height's little shopping street, Montague Street. Pick up a slice of pizza or sandwich at Lassen & Hennings along the way if you want a picnic. Head toward the Promenade, a genteel walkway with breathtaking views. You can take photos to your heart's content of the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and NY Harbor.

3. Take a mini-walking tour of Victorian Brooklyn Heights. Brooklyn Heights was built by bankers, shipping magnates, and industrialists in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Get a sense of how Brooklyn's rich and powerful lived.

    4. Take the kids (OK, yourself) to the cool Transit Museum. Even kids who hate museums will have fun here. It's a fab, underground, kid-friendly, hands-on museum featuring old trains and mass transit memorabilia.

    5. Worn out? Stop for a drink or meal, or head to the subway station. There are lots of little eateries in the area, but the Marriott in Downtown Brooklyn is a predictably nice environment (with a parking garage below) and a good indoor spot to meet people, freshen up in the lobby bathroom, and have a drink or a snack. And, if you're too tired to hoof it back over the Brooklyn Bridge (or are going to another destination in Brooklyn) the multi-line Borough Hall subway station, from which it's easy to travel to the rest of Brooklyn, is nearby. It has the M, R, 2, 3, 4, 5 trains.

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