Portugal Is Launching a Digital Nomad Village On a Gorgeous Island in Madeira

Ponta do Sol > your house

Ponta do Sol - Madeira
Dennis Fischer Photography / Getty Images

Now that working from home has become a new norm, the question is, where do you want your home office to be? Well, how about on a gorgeous archipelago off the coast of Africa? Portugal’s Madeira Islands invites remote workers en masse to become ‘citizens’ of the country’s first-ever dedicated digital nomad village.

Starting Feb. 1, 2021, digital nomads will be able to come and spend one to five months on Ponta do Sol, a beautiful municipality in the Madeira Islands, where they’ll have access to sunshine, coastline, and community.

Village nomads will also be granted a shared co-working space in the historic John dos Passos Cultural Center located in the city center, close to bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. Other free perks include a dedicated Slack channel for the nomad village, speedy Wi-Fi, and a local host who will be their go-to point-person. Networking, social, and community events will also be organized so participants can get to know each other and their host community.

While reminiscent of (and possibly inspired by) remote work-and-travel programs like Remote Year, where digital nomads live and work together for a month at a time in various cities across the globe, Madeira’s digital nomad village is the first of its kind to involve the local government directly. By working in partnership with the government, local company Startup Madeira hopes to create a symbiotic relationship between the visiting digital nomads and locals.

However, unlike other remote work programs, folks joining Madeira’s digital nomad village will need to secure their own housing, flights, and visa. Remote workers outside the European Union will need to apply for a 90-day Schengen visa before arrival. On the plus side, you also don’t have to pay exorbitant amounts of money to participate; everything is pretty much at cost. Housing suggestions are offered via Airbnb listings and hotels offering long-stay rates plus discounts and perks (like free breakfast) for village participants.

Digital nomads can register to reserve their spot as we speak. To learn about Madeira’s safety protocols, check out the Madeira Safe to Discover website.