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Porter Airlines puts civility and class back into flying.

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Porter Airlines is a short-haul passenger airline that began operations in Toronto in 2006, on the cusp of growing frustration with large, major Canadian airlines who seemed to be charging greater fees while offering weaker service. 

Porter Airlines offers upscale amenities and a refreshing approach to customer service, with a goal to be North America's premium short-haul carrier.

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    Porter Airlines is a short-haul airline based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    Currently Porter flies to 22 destinations in central/eastern Canada, including its Toronto hub, and 7 U.S. cities.

    Porter Airlines has a refreshingly "old school" way of doing business, that is, to treat its passengers with respect and courtesy and offer them more than what they've come to expect.

    To complement the company's philosophy, flight attendants and staff are dressed in "retro" style uniforms, with pill box hats, scarves, suits and smiles. 

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    Where Exactly Does Porter Fly?

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    As of 2016, Porter Airlines operates out of the following 22 cities:

    • Canada
    • Toronto, Ontario
    • Thunder Bay, Ontario
    • Timmins, Ontario
    • Sault-Ste. Marie, Ontario
    • Sudbury, Ontario
    • North Bay, Ontario
    • Ottawa, Ontario
    • Windsor, Ontario
    • Montreal, Quebec
    • Mont-Tremblant, Quebec
    • Quebec City, Quebec
    • Moncton, New Brunswick
    • Halifax, Nova Scotia
    • Stephenville, Newfoundland
    • St. John's, Newfoundland
    • United States
    • Chicago (Midway)
    • New York City (Newark)
    • Burlington, VT
    • Boston
    • Washington
    • Pittsburgh
    • Myrtle Beach

    Part of why Porter can offer such great service is that it operates on a relatively small scale, serving just over a dozen cities. With Toronto as the hub, many of Porter's flights originate and end here.

    Since its inception in 2006, its growth has been gradual, but steady. 

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    What Makes Porter Airlines So Great?

    Especially when compared to the customer service of other airlines, Porter's is refreshing and downright civilized. Examples?

    • Recommended check-in time is merely 30 min for domestic flights and an hour for international.
    • Free WiFi, cappuccino, snacks, soft drinks, papers in comfortable waiting lounge - better than perusing tacky gift shops any day.
    • Complimentary wine / beer and snack box (when flying during meal hour) on all flights (served in real glass no less!)
    • Customer service that makes you feel like someone is listening. When I checked in as part of a group of six, the staff made sure that our group could all sit together, even though we were arriving separately. Porter staff have the time to give special attention to each passenger.
    • The Porter VIP program doesn't have nearly the complications that Air Canada's does.
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    Is it Expensive to Fly Porter Airlines?

    Porter is comparable in price to other airlines. Pricing is more consistent and the fare structure more transparent. Ticket prices depend on whether you buy a Freedom (most expensive), Flexible or Firm ticket (least expensive). Freedom offers the best options as far as cancellations, flight changes, seat selection and VIPorter loyalty points; Firm fare tickets offer the least opportunity for changes.

    The last Porter flight I took was a special offer in June 2016; a return Toronto / Montreal firm ticket cost CAN$280, taxes in.

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    Contact Porter Airlines

  • Visit the Porter Airline website.
  • Talk to a human being on the telephone: 1 (416) 619-8622, 1 (888) 619-8622