The 5 Best Portable Chargers for the Adventure Traveler

Using a portable power pack on the road.

Goal Zero

Keeping your mobile device charged while on the road can be a real challenge at times. Thankfully, there are some great portable battery packs available to give us a boost of energy when we need it most. These handy gadgets come equipped with a rechargeable battery of their own that allows us to transfer power to our smartphones, tablets, and other devices no matter where we go, including the airport, an aircraft, or a campsite. This has made these portable chargers an indispensable part of travel in the modern age, although not all of them are well suited for use in remote and rugged places. If you're an adventure traveler who need to carry a good charging solution with you when you hit the road, these are the battery packs that you should have in your backpack the next time you set out.

Goal Zero Sherpa 100PD battery pack.
Goal Zero

Goal Zero Sherpa 100PD ($170)

With its durable case, rugged construction, and plethora of features, the Goal Zero Sherpa 100PD is the new standard for portable battery packs designed for travel. Not only does the Sherpa feature two standard USB-A ports for recharging smartphones, headlamps, and smartwatches, it also has a built-in Qi wireless charging pad and a 60-watt USB-C PD port as well. In this case, "PD" stands for "power delivery," giving this relatively small device the ability to recharge high-powered tablets and even modern laptops that have made the switch to USB-C for charging. With its 25,600 mAh battery, the Sherpa 100PD is also the largest portable charger that you can legally carry on an aircraft and its included LED screen makes it incredibly easy to check its remaining battery life at any time.

Jackery PowerBar Power Station

Jackery PowerBar Power Station ($130)

Jackery is another company that makes a wide range of chargers and generators built specifically with outdoor adventurers in mind. But for the mobile road warrior, the PowerBar Power Station is a great choice. What helps this particular model stand out from the crowd is that it not only has a 20,800 mAh battery it also features a built-in AC outlet, allowing it to charge laptops, camera batteries, and other larger devices too. Throw in a quick-charging USB 3.0 port and a USB-C port, and you pretty much have the perfect battery pack for just about any kind of situation. The PowerBar can even be charged via wall outlet, DC car port, or solar panel too. 

Lifeproof LifeActív Power Pack 20

LifeProof LIFEACTÍV Power Pack 20 ($100)

Waterproof, dust proof, drop proof, and snow proof, the Lifeactíve Power Pack 20 from LifeProof was designed from the ground up with adventure travelers in mind. The rugged battery pack features dual 10,000 mAh batteries, giving it plenty of power for those long flights or days spent in off the grid. Additionally, the Power Pack 20 is equipped with a fast-charging USB-A port, a USB-C port, and a built-in flashlight too. It even supports wireless charging with a Qi-compatible charging pad integrated into the top of the case itself. Despite its rugged design however, it is still relatively lightweight (just 19 ounces) and thin, making it easy to slip into a carry-on bag. So much so that you'll barely even notice that you have this battery pack with you when you hit the road.

Nomad PowerPack

Nomad PowerPack ($120)

While it doesn't have quite as much charging capacity as some of the other options on this list (just 9000 mAh), the Nomad PowerPack does deliver some outstanding features for the frequent traveler. For instance, it comes armed with fast charging USB-A and USB-C ports, giving it support for modern and legacy devices alike. The entire battery pack is also made from a polycarbonate shell that gives it a super durable coating that is able to resist accidental drops and other impacts with ease. It even comes with onboard support for the Tile App tracking service, making it much easier to locate should the PowerPack (or the bag that it is in!) become lost or stolen. As if that wasn't enough, Nomad has even equipped this charger with an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the onboard LED lights, making it just as easy to check the current charging status in bright sunlight as it is in a dark room. Those may not seem like important features on their own, but together they add up to make one impressive device.

Outxe Savage 20 Power Bank

Outxe Savage Solar Powered Battery Pack ($60)

Water-resistant and dust proof, the Savage line of battery packs from Outxe are built to take the punishment and abuse that comes with adventure travel. The largest of those units comes with a 20,000 mAh high-capacity battery capable of recharging an iPhone up to eight times. The battery pack also includes dual USB ports for charging multiple devices at once, and features two input ports for recharging its own internal battery faster as well. Best of all, a built-in solar panel allows users to collect a little extra juice while on the go simply by placing this battery pack in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. It even comes at a very affordable price point too, making it all the more attractive for frequent travelers.

These are the best all around battery packs for adventure travelers, mixing features, capacity, and durability to create a versatile solution for keeping your technology charged while on the go. There are a variety of other options available from other brands as well, but they may not offer the complete package when it comes being versatile enough to accompany you on your travels. Stick to one of these options and you won't be disappointed.

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