5 Portable Chargers for the Adventure Traveler

The dual-USB Re-fuel Power Bank from Digipower
••• The dual-USB Re-fuel Power Bank from Digipower.

Keeping your mobile device charged while on the road can be a real challenge at times. Thankfully, there are some great portable battery packs available to give us a boost of energy when we need it most. These handy gadgets pack a rechargeable battery of their own that allows us to transfer power to our smartphones and tablets no matter where we are. This has made these chargers indispensable for travel, although not all of them are well suited for the remote and rugged places that we adventurers often find ourselves visiting.

That said, here are five such battery packs that are perfect for going anywhere. 

Scosche goBat 12000 ($99.95)
Looking for lots of power to keep your smartphone and tablet fully charged? Than checkout the goBat 12000 from Scosche. With its 12,000 mAh battery – enough to recharge an iPhone 6S up to six times – this charger will likely keep your devices fully powered for most of your trip. It'll also provide a single charge to a full-sized iPad, or two charges for an iPad Mini too. The goBat is also incredibly durable, with a case that protects it from accidental drops and seals out dust and water as well. This of course makes it ideal for taking with us to far flung destinations, where weather and environmental conditions are a concern. Other features include dual USB ports for charging multiple devices at once, with intelligent circuitry that can auto-detect the fastest speeds available to charge your mobile device.

DigiPower Re-fuel Power Bank ($39.95)
If you're looking for a charger that is lightweight, yet still very durable, the DigiPower Re-fuel Power Bank may be just what the doctor ordered. The Re-fuel also features a ruggedized case with two built-in USB ports, but in a smaller, more compact form factor.

It's 7800 mAh battery is enough to recharge most smartphones up to three times, while its slim design makes it easy to slide into a backpack or carry-on bag for charging on the go. Simple and elegantly designed, this is a basic charger that hits the sweet-spot in terms of overall performance and size.  

myCharge Hub Plus ($99.95)
With its aluminum case and exceptional build quality, the myCharge Hub Plus is another portable battery pack that was specifically made with travelers in mind. It has a 6000 mAh battery – good enough to recharge an iPhone more than twice – and is small and compact enough to slip into any bag. But what sets this device apart from the others is that it comes equipped with both a USB mini and Apple lightning cable built right in. That means you don't need to carry those annoying cables with you when you hit the road. But that isn't all. This battery pack even has fold-away wall prongs, allowing you to plug it in directly to the wall when you want to charge it up too. That allows it to collect power faster than most other battery packs, meaning it'll be ready to go when you are. 

DryGuy Warm N' Charge ($40)
DryGuy isn't known for making tech gear. In fact, they specialize in designing boot warmers for those of us who live in cold, wet climates.

But their Warm N' Charge device is so fun and unique, I thought it deserved a spot on this list anyway. Its 4400 mAh battery is the smallest amongst all the chargers here, and it only has a single USB port. On top of that, it's not a suitable option for use with a tablet either. But, it can recharge a smartphone quickly and efficiently, and has the added benefit of serving as a hand warmer too. This little device can put out a surprising amount of heat for up to five hours per charge, and would definitely come in handy on our cold weather adventures. Warm hand and a fully charged smartphone? What more could you ask for?

ASAP Dash ($119)
As of this writing, the ASAP Dash isn't available to purchase yet, although you can snag one early as part of the company's crowdfunding campaign. What sets it apart from the competition is that it just might be the fastest charging battery pack on the market.

With its own custom made AC adapter and power management circuitry, it plugs directly into a wall socket, which allows the Dash's 5000 mAh battery to fully charge in under 15 minutes. That's enough power for 3 iPhones. The Dash also features a very attractive aluminum case which makes it a great accessory for travel too. Need to be able to carry a charge with you quickly and efficiently? The Dash is probably your best option. 

There are of course other portable battery packs on the market that offer similar functionality as these five, but they are some of the newest and most interesting ones that I've come across recently. I'm sure this is an area where we'll continue to see refinements and improvements in the future however, making it easier than ever to keep our gadgets fully functional even when traveling to the ends of the Earth.