What is the Population of Brooklyn, NY? How Many People Live in Brooklyn?

••• Brooklyn, one of the 5 boroughs of New York City, is an "outer borough," even though it's so "in.". Map courtesy of NYC.gov

Question: What is the Population of Brooklyn, NY? How Many People Live in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is one of New York City's most populous boroughs. It's often been said that if Brooklyn were an independent city, it would be the fourth largest city in the United States. Precisely how many people live in Brooklyn?


It's safe to say that Brooklyn has at least 2.5 million residents. And it's legit to round that figure up to 2.6 million Brooklynites.

But nobody knows for sure what the population of Brooklyn is. The 2010 US Census figures are being disputed by the Mayor's office of New York City.

How Big is Brooklyn?

The 2010 US Census counted the population of Brooklyn as slightly less than one third of the total population of NYC.

To be exact, the 2010 US Census said Brooklyn's population was 2,504,700 people, which is 30.6% of the population of New York City.

In comparison with the 2000 Census, which counted Brooklyn's population at 2,465,326, that reflects an increase of 39,374 more people since the last census in 2000.

The 2010 Census said that Brooklyn's population had increased by only 1.6 percent in a decade.

The above statistics fly in the face of the experience of many Brooklyn residents who have seen more people move into many neighborhoods, and feel that the borough has grown substantially in the past decade. The US Census findings for NYC have been challenged by NYC officials, who the numbers.

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