What's the Population of Arizona?

The Population Continues to Grow

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What is the population of Arizona? The U.S. Census Bureau provides population statistics. The actual census only takes place every ten years, in dates ending in a zero. In between, they often provide updated estimates. As of the publication date in 2018, the last census was taken in 2010. The next one will take place in 2020.

Population of Arizona, 2000 Census:


Population of Arizona, 2010 Census:


AZ population growth since 2000 census: 24.9%

Population Estimate of Arizona, 2013


AZ population growth since 2010 census: 3.5%

Population Estimate of Arizona, 2015


AZ population growth since 2010 census: 6.6%

Arizona ranked 20th of U.S. states at the 2000 census, and 16th at the 2010 Census. As of the 2015 population estimate, Arizona ranks 14th in population size, surpassing Indiana and Massachusetts.

From 2000 to 2015 the population of Arizona grew by about 309 people per day. That is a net figure, meaning it takes into account how many people left Arizona or passed away during that time. 

Where are Most of the People Located Within Arizona?

Arizona is divided into 15 counties. By farm the most populous county is Maricopa County where Phoenix is located. That county accounts for about just over 60% of the state's population. Pima County, where Arizona's second largest city is located, accounts for about 15% of Arizona's population.

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