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Chicago has had a long love affair with daily newspapers. The printed news of Chicago first saw daylight in 1833 in the first paper in the city, the Chicago Weekly Democrat. The Chicago Tribune was founded 14 years later, and it merged with what had then become known as the Chicago Democrat in 1861. The Tribune went on to become the most prominent and storied newspaper in Chicago and has a national reach. The Chicago Sun-Times, a lively tabloid, is a relatively recent addition to the Chicago newspaper scene. It came into existence in the mid-20th century when the Chicago Times and the Chicago Sun merged. So check out these links to find the news sources that you like best when you're in Chicagoland.

Chicago Area Daily Newspapers

  • Chicago Sun-Times
    The Chicago Sun-Times is the city's scrappier, younger paper, but it's still been in business since 1948, and it has an even longer history. Check them out for local, national and world news, sports, movie reviews and blogs.
  • Chicago Tribune
    Since 1847, the Trib has been publishing the city's news. It made its name for itself as an anti-slavery newspaper and was important to the election to Illinois favorite son Abraham Lincoln in 1860. It lords it over every other news source in the Chicago metropolitan area and still reports a significant amount of national news, which is fast disappearing from major metropolitan dailies. It's a one-stop source for news, a rarity today. Its website is full to bursting with breaking local and national news, sports, business, photo stories, videos, entertainment, and commentary. A must-read for Chicagoans and visitors.
  • RedEye
    The daily sound-bite version of the Chicago Tribune is big on visuals and brevity.
  • Daily Herald
    The Daily Herald focuses primarily on suburban Chicago. The Daily Herald covers local stories, business, features, and sports.

Chicago Area Weekly Newspapers

  • Chicago Defender
    Founded in 1905 by Robert S. Abbott, the Chicago Defender remains one of the nation's most prominent African-American newspapers. It reports local, national and international news, sports, commentary and community events.
  • Chicago Free Press
    This newspaper serves the gay community with a focus on celebrating Chicago's diversity. You'll find the latest national and local news on LGBT issues, community events, restaurants and a "rainbow directory" of businesses on its website.
  • The Chicago Reader
    Chicago's longtime weekly paper with an alternative bent has an entertainment focus and covers music, local news, restaurants, gallery openings and movies.
  • Crain's Chicago Business
    Crain's keeps its finger on the pulse of the Chicago area's business news. Crain's covers news, profiles business leaders and reports local business trends.
  • Extra
    Chicago's bilingual newspaper since 1981. Extra strives to be the voice of the Chicago area's Latino community.
  • La Raza
    Chicago's Spanish-language newspaper, with coverage of local, national, and international news.
  • Newcity Chicago
    This alternative weekly has a growing online component.
  • N'Digo
    This weekly publication primarily serves the African-American community.
  • Windy City Times
    Chicago's oldest LGBT newspaper and one of the largest in the region.

Bi-Monthly Newspapers

  • Chicago Reporter
    This bi-monthly, award-winning publication focuses mainly on issues of race and poverty.
  • Performink
    This bi-monthly publication covers Chicago's performance industry, including theater, acting, and film, along with auditions listings.
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