POPS on Route 66 in Oklahoma

POPS 66 Oklahoma

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The brainchild of the late Aubrey McClendon, former Chesapeake Energy CEO, and designed by architect Rand Elliott, POPS opened in the summer of 2007 and quickly became a tourist attraction. With a 66-foot tall soda bottle adorning the side of the iconic Route 66 highway, POPS boasts hundreds of soda pop flavors and brands in the convenience store area of the gas station. In addition, there is a restaurant that features several cafe food options such as burgers, sodas, and shakes.

Location and Directions

POPS is located along historic Route 66 (660 W.) near Arcadia, Oklahoma, just outside of Edmond. From Oklahoma City, take I-35 to 2nd Street in Edmond, also called Edmond Road (Exit 141). Follow 2nd Street east for 5 miles. POPS will be on the south side of the highway.

If you're coming from the Turner Turnpike (I-44 from Tulsa), take the Wellston Exit and head west on Route 66. After passing through Luther, you'll travel about 15 miles to POPS.

The Soda Ranch

According to POPS officials, the convenience store has over 700 selections of soda pop. But the selection is only one thing at which to marvel. Even better, all of them are refrigerated and ready to drink cold. You can find nearly every brand imaginable. Childhood favorites you thought were no longer around are at POPS. Exotic specialties you've never imagined are at POPS. And there's always something new to try.

From fruit flavors to colas and root beers, POPS has it all. Though some may be unavailable at certain times, you can see a breakdown of soda pops by type online.


The POPS restaurant and cafe is perfect for a roadside bite. Take a seat at the diner counter or in one of the booths or tables. There's also a patio area. The menu features breakfast, lunch, and dinner favorites from burgers and sandwiches to pancakes, hot dogs, salads, chicken fried steak, ice cream, shakes and much, much more. In addition, you can get any of the store's soda pops with your meal. 

Events and Extras

POPS is also available for on-site, catered events. The facility contains a digital jukebox and several plasma televisions.

The "Soda Kiosk" offers a chance to send the unique POPS sodas anywhere in the United States. The touchscreen display allows customers to custom order from more than 700 types of soda and have them shipped immediately using FedEx.

Nichols Hills Location

Though it's not the same kind of tourist attraction as the Route 66 version, POPS opened a second location in late 2015. It is in the north Oklahoma City community of Nichols Hills, located in Nichols Hills Plaza shopping center at 6447 Avondale Drive, north of NW 63rd at Grand.

The Nichols Hills version is larger than the original Route 66 version and offers all of the sodas you can imagine as well as a number of unique candies and a restaurant with the same menu.

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