POP Montreal 2017: Music, Arts and More

POP Montreal 2017: The Best of the Fest

POP Montreal 2017 festival lineup highlights include a performance by iconic filmmaker John Waters.
••• Above: the pop-cultified king of kitsch, filmmaker and performance artist John Waters dropped by POP Montreal in 2016. Paul Marotta / Getty Images

POP Montreal 2017: A Festival of Many Faces

POP Montreal is a music festival, a visual art exhibit, a film appreciation society and a flea market. It's also a series of free art workshops just for kids. In 2017, POP Montreal is expected to run towards the end of September 2017. Dates and details to be confirmed as we close in on the season.

But POP Montreal is above all a celebration of creativity that keeps growing in size and popularity since its first edition in 2002.

Presenting roughly 600 acts in the span of five days, the fest is usually held at the end of September.

The 2017 edition of POP Montreal running in September 2017 will likely feature over 450 acts, a hodge podge of established and up-and-coming indie talent like last year's 69 Boyz, Colin Stetson, D.R.A.M, Groenland, Holy Fuck , Ibrahim Maalouf, John Waters, The Kills and Wolves in the Throne Room.


POP Montreal: The Music Festival

Perhaps what POP is best known for is its across-the-board musical programming. Case in point: easy listening top 40 king/American Idol guest judge Burt Bacharach shared the 2008 spotlight (on separate stages) with aggressive tech punk noisemaker T. Raumschmiere. And that's part of POP Montreal's beauty: it dares to combine fiercely independent acts with commercial success stories, though in its first years, it was almost completely indie. Past editions featured:


POP Montreal: Film POP

Featuring films that usually revolve around the theme of music, previous Film POP spotlighted flicks included PJ Harvey: Let England Shake, a series of 12 short films accompanying each track of Harvey's latest album by the same name, and Dream Deceivers: The Story of James Vance vs. Judas Priest, which recounts the true story of a young man whose permanent disfigurement from a failed suicide attempt led his family to sue one his favorite bands over lyrics Vance claimed led him to try and take his life.


POP Montreal: Puces POP

Puces is French for fleas, but Puces POP isn't so much a flea market as it is a creative DIY marketplace teeming with over 100 artists, independent record labels and entrepreneurs selling their creations to the public, an initiative which first premiered in 2006. Count on finding jewelry, fashion, cakes, home accessories, music and other handmade practicalities for sale. Puces POP's marketplace event is usually held during the last two days of POP Montreal, which has alway been on the weekend.


POP Montreal: Kids POP

Crafts workshops (origami, sculpture), music workshops (singalongs, instrument making), live shows and more, Kids POP explores the budding creativity in every child. Usually held on the same days as Puces POP.


POP Montreal: Art POP

Showcasing emerging contemporary arts talent alongside established artists from here and abroad, Art POP is a five-day celebration of visual art, open free to the public.


POP Montreal: Fashion POP

Every year, POP Montreal proposes a competition: a fashion show featuring usually about a half dozen local emerging talents. The winner is awarded a cash prize and an editorial spread.


POP Montreal: Symposium

A five-day music conference open to artists, industry professionals and everyday music fans, covering a variety of topics.


Visit the POP Montreal website for this year's complete lineup.