Pool Season in Las Vegas

Swimming pool at Caesars Palace.

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If you love nothing more than hanging out poolside with a frosty drink in hand, Las Vegas has plenty of pool weather ideal for doing just that. For those who love swimming, lazing in the sun, and the poolside lifestyle there are specific months to plan your Las Vegas getaway. For temperatures at least in the 70s, your best months for good weather in Las Vegas are between May and September. Of course, you might find yourself in Las Vegas on a day in February when it's 64 degrees and a heated pool beckons you, but those are the months that are ideal for sun lovers.

Pool Season in Las Vegas

Finding a Pool

There are popular swimming pools in Las Vegas with something for everyone. Las Vegas swimming pools range from small, quiet, secluded places where you can relax, to huge complexes with acres of landscaped grounds and multiple pools. Vegas offers many innovations when it comes to pools—swim-up blackjack, lazy rivers, and even topless sun worshiping.

Avoiding Chilly Weather

You can almost be guaranteed that November, December, January, and February are not good pool months in Las Vegas. Don't be shocked, but Las Vegas does have its own version of winter and locals get cold when it is 63 degrees outside. There are some outdoor heated pools open but they tend to vary with the season so it is best to call the specific resort you are staying at for pool information. If you want an indoor pool, you may have to check out the spas.


As summer approaches prepare for what summer pool season in Las Vegas is like before you pack your suitcase. Don't be alarmed by the warm temperature in July, the drinks are cool and the water is refreshing even in the shallow end of the pool. Also, everywhere you go, the climate-controlled air will keep your body temperature right at that point where you think you might need a sweater. The casino will feel comfortable and if you do not want to be super hot you can find plenty to do inside the resorts.

Realize that no matter what time of the year you visit Las Vegas that there is always plenty to do, inside and outside. In the warmest months, you might want to spend less time in the sun and more time taking in the sights and sampling the restaurants and bars.

Pool Weather Months

May through September are ideal for hitting the pool and, except for summer, for doing other outdoor activities.

  • May Weather in Las Vegas - Perfect golf weather with average highs in the 80s. The pools will start attracting more people but the crowds are still manageable. Mid-week you can probably get a cabana without having to pay a fortune but weekends will already be out of control. By Memorial Day weekend the Las Vegas pool party scene is in full swing so early in the month is much better.
  • June Weather in Las Vegas - Pool weather with averages in the low 100s and evenings that are perfect for walking along the Las Vegas Strip. If you decide that a quick getaway to Las Vegas is in your budget this is the time when kids start showing up at pools. It is summer vacation so get in a getaway to Las Vegas.
  • July Weather in Las Vegas - It's hot, but it's a dry heat. This is a good time of the year to visit Las Vegas because prices are lower, the pools have plenty of action, and naps in the middle of the day make sense. Go easy on the cocktails by the pool because too much alcohol in the sun makes for a headache later in the day.
  • August Weather in Las Vegas - Highs are still in the hundreds but by now the temperatures back home might be as unbearable too, so in Las Vegas at least you have a cool pool with shaded cabanas to hang out in. The days feel long and the crowds at the pool are at maximum capacity. Pick a pool based on your patience level. If you have kids, go with Monte Carlo or Flamingo. If you are looking for the party consider SLS or Cosmopolitan.
  • September Weather in Las Vegas - If you don't have children this is the best time to visit Las Vegas. The kids are no longer at the pool but the mid-90s temperatures are perfect for long days with a drink in your hand and your body in the water.

October still has some great pool days and the weather begins to feel like the Las Vegas version of fall. Don't expect any major changes to the desert landscape unless, of course, you walk into the Bellagio Gardens.

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