Pictures of the Pool at Bellagio Las Vegas

The Pool at Bellagio

TripSavvy / Zeke Quezada 

It's opulent, it's comfortable, it's a dose of relaxation. The pool at Bellagio Las Vegas is your chance to sit and enjoy the Las Vegas sunshine any time of the year. Have a drink, rent a cabana, or order lunch at the Pool Cafe, if there is one thing that is different about the Bellagio pool it's the notion of relaxation. Other pools on the strip seem to be a stepping stone to the nightlife that the Las Vegas strip is famous for, at the Bellagio Hotel the energy is far more subdued and the atmosphere is pure relaxation and fun.

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The Fountain at the Pool

The Fountain at Bellagio Vegas
Zeke Quezada
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The Fountain Pool

Fountain Pool at Bellagio
Zeke Quezada ​
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Wide View of the Pool

wide view of Bellagio Pool
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Balcony View of the Pool

Balcony view of Bellagio
Zeke Quezada ​
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Pool Deck

pool deck Bellagio
Zeke Quezada ​
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