You Can Now Sail to the North Pole on an Electric-Powered Luxury Yacht

Le Commandant Charcot is the world's first hybrid-electric polar expedition ship

Le Commandant Charcot

Courtesy of Ponant

When it comes to visiting the world's most remote places, luxury isn't always the first thing that comes to mind. But passengers who book a room aboard Ponant's new exploration vessel Le Commandant Charcot are about to get the best of both worlds.

This week, the French cruise operator shared a sneak peek of the newest ship in its fleet, which is set to become the first passenger ship to sail to the North Pole. Alongside that distinction comes several other impressive firsts: Le Commandant Charcot will be the first passenger ship to utilize a satellite ice routing system, allowing the vessel to navigate new ice pathways and be the first ship with built-in polar survival equipment for up to five days.

After a day of exploration on excursions such as skiing, kayaking, and, for the brave of heart, polar swimming, guests can indulge in French opulence, unwinding at the ship's spa or sipping a glass of Veuve Cliquot on a private balcony before getting ready for evening dinners designed by acclaimed French chef Alain Ducasse. Topping out at a maximum number of 245 guests per ship with butler service in all suites, the ship boasts a 1:1 guest/crew ratio, one of the highest ratios among expedition ships today.

Le Commandant Charcot Suite

Courtesy of Ponant

Most importantly, the ship is heavily focused on sustainability, so you can cruise guilt-free. As it travels through fragile environments such as the North Pole and Antarctica, Le Commandant Charcot will be the first passenger ship to run entirely on duel-fuel liquified natural gas, currently the most environmentally friendly maritime fuel available. Switching to liquified natural gas eliminates all sulfur and particle emissions, reduces nitrogen emissions by 85 percent, and emits 20 percent fewer carbon emissions than conventional marine fuels.

The ship will also use an electric propulsion system that allows it to contribute zero noise pollution to its surroundings, meaning passengers on board will even be able to hear the ship's own submarines below the water, and the environment's animals won't be disturbed.

Sound like a dream trip? Room rates vary by itinerary, with suites for the geographic North Pole expeditions—set to launch in July 2022—beginning at $40,000.