Pompeii Travel Guide

Tips for Visiting the Excavations of Ancient Pompeii

The archeological site of ancient Pompeii is one of Italy's top tourist attractions and the modern town of Pompei (spelled with only one i) makes a good base for visiting it. Pompeii can also be visited as a day trip from Naples or Sorrento. You can see Pompeii's location on this Bay of Naples map.

Our guide below has useful tips for your visit to ancient Pompeii and links to several photo galleries of the excavations.

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    Pompeii ruins and Mount Vesuvius in the distance
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    Plan your trip to Pompeii with our visitors' guide. You'll find useful information about the excavations including opening hours, how to get to Pompeii, and what to see as well as a little history of the site.

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    hotel diana pompei photo
    ••• Hotel Diana in Pompei. © 2010 by James Martin, Europe Travel

    Hotel Diana is near the FS train station and within walking distance of the ancient Pompeii site. The modern town of Pompei (spelled with only one i) makes a good base for visiting the ancient site and other nearby attractions like Mount Vesuvius (a day trip is offered by the hotel) and Herculaneum. Since most people visit Pompeii only as a day trip, the town is pretty pleasant in the evening and there's a good restaurant near the hotel.

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    With this Pompeii map, you'll see the location of the train stations, our recommended hotel and restaurant, the entrance to the ancient site of Pompeii and an aerial view of the city and site.

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    Pompei Archaeological Site
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    The ruins of Pompeii are vast and can be confusing. A good way to see them is by taking a guided tour, where you'll also find out interesting things about the site. Totally Ruined: The Excavations at Pompeii is a half-day guided walking tour offered by Select Italy.

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    Vulcan Vesuvio and Pompei ruins, the Forum
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    The easiest way to visit Pompeii from Rome is on a guided excursion. On this tour, booked through Kajubi, you'll travel by bus from Rome to Naples where you'll pass by the city's historic sites and travel through the valley below Mount Vesuvius where you'll see the volcano looming above. Upon arrival in Pompeii, you'll have lunch and then visit the Pompeii excavations before being taken back to Rome.

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    Italy - Naples - Statues in the National Archaelogical Museum, Naples
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    The National Archeology Museum in Naples has many mosaics and frescoes from ancient Pompeii covering a period of about two centuries. The most famous mosaics are from the House of the Faun. There's also a special exhibit of wall paintings and artifacts removed from the temple of Isis and a detailed model of ancient Pompeii made in the 19th century.

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    Crater of volcanic Mt. Vesuvius, aerial view
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    Mount Vesuvius is the volcano that buried the city of Pompeii. It can easily be visited as a day trip from Pompeii, Sorrento, or Naples. This virtual tour shows you how to visit and what you'll see.

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    Recommended Books about Pompeii

    Ruins of Pompeii, Italy
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    For reading beyond the usual Pompeii guide books, I recommend Pompeii Awakened by Judith Harris, a non-fiction book about the excavations themselves and Pompeii by Robert Harris, historic fiction set in the days leading up to the eruption of Vesuvius.