Polaroid Fotobar at The LINQ Las Vegas (Now Photo & Go)

Photo & Go Still Provides The Same Service

Photos by Luke Quezada

Polaroid Photo Bar is now Photo & Go.


When you step into the Polaroid Fotobar (Photo & Go) you'll look around and realize just how long it has been since you have seen a real picture. I don't mean those glossy things you see in magazines, I mean the real deal. I'm talking about the type of pictures that hold memories and snapshots of moments in time that are just frozen and ready to be looked at.

When was the last time you actually developed any of those pictures you seem to take at any given chance with your smartphone? Yes, I know you put them on Facebook for everyone to see but when was the last time you held a hard copy of a special moment in your hand?

It has been too long , but you do not need to wait.

When you walk down the LINQ in Las Vegas you'll see the High Roller and you'll be tempted to go over and take a ride but you need to do something first.

  • You have to walk into the Photo & Go and create an account.
  • You have to grab some images from your phone.
  • You have to pick the special ones.
  • You have to make hard copies.
  • You have to hold on to a few memories.

Does this seem difficult?

Go take a ride on the giant observation wheel and when you return to the Photo & Go they will have your images printed out on thick card stock that look like an old school Polaroid. You'll feel weird looking at the pictures in your hand instead of on a tiny screen. You'll probably keep them with you for a little while and soon you'll learn to love to have the hard copies.

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Grab a few magnets and put them on the refrigerator or buy one of the nice boxes that they offer up at the Photo & Go. Whatever you do celebrate the art of picture taking by actually doing something with those photos.

Photo & Go  at The LINQ Las Vegas

Location: LINQ Las Vegas
Across the street from Caesars Palace

3545 Las Vegas strip #L15A.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: 702-202-2288

See the Polaroid Fotobar Las Vegas website

Hours for Polaroid Fotobar Las Vegas: Open daily 10am – 1am

What to Expect at Polaroid Fotobar Las Vegas?
If you head upstairs you can experience the Polaroid museum and all that history surrounding a time when people carried around cameras that did not make phone calls. In fact the history suggests that cameras would spit out these pieces of paper with images on them. Strange to think that “history” is really only a few years ago. Even though we all carry a catalog of photos with us on our smart phones we don’t always do anything with them. The Fotobar will fix that.

The process is simple and it is actually inexpensive as well to get a few high quality images on thick paper that is perfect for framing. You go in and use their computers to access your images on your phone or social media sites and in a matter of minutes you are holding a few fine keepsakes.


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