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These wonderful photos of Poland capture images of castles, culture, and cities across the country.

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Poland Culture 101 in Photos

Wooden Toys from Poland
Michal Wawruszak © 2007

These photos of Poland illustrate aspects of Polish culture, including holidays, food, and folk crafts.

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Old Town Warsaw Photo Tour

Warsaw Royal Castle
Kerry Kubilius, licensed to About.com

Old Town Warsaw is compact and charming. The remains of its defensive walls recall a time when Warsaw was much smaller than it is today. Reconstructed after almost total devastation in WWII, touring Warsaw will bring visitors closer to the history of the Polish capital city.

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Poland Castles Photo Gallery 1

Ciechanow Castle Poland
Scubabartek © 2006

This photo gallery is the first of two that show images of Poland's many castles. Ciechanow Castle is depicted on the left.

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Poland Castles Photo Gallery 2

Reszel Castle Poland

This photo gallery is the second of two that show images of Poland's castles. Reszel Castle is depicted on the left.

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Poland Castles Photo Gallery 3

Checiny Castle, Poland

More photos of Poland's castles, some in ruins, are featured in this gallery. The photo on the left represents Checiny Castle.

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Easter in Poland

Eggs at Krakow Easter Market
CC by zoonabar

Easter is celebrated for over a week in Poland, and from Palm Sunday to Easter Monday, Poles enjoy holiday-related traditions and spend time with family. Easter in Poland is an opportunity to celebrate spring as much as it is to participate in religious observations.

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Polish Folk Costumes

Polish Girl's Dress - Folk Dress from Poland

Traditional dress from Poland is decorated with colorful embroidery and other adornments. This gallery of photos of Polish folk costumes shows the wide array of variation that can occur in Poland's traditional dress.

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Poland Christmas Pictures

Christmas in Poznan, Poland

During Christmas, Poland's cities are decorated with lights, trees, and fir boughs. These decorations showcase Old Towns and market squares to their full advantage.