Stores in Warsaw to Buy Gifts That Are Made in Poland

Top Spots for Polish Pottery, Traditional Items, and Delicacies

Polish Folk Art Gallery in Warsaw

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Products made in Poland are some of the best souvenirs and gifts that you can purchase in Warsaw. These products embody the heritage of Poland. Artisans pour the Polish trademark of high-quality handiwork into traditional folk art and crafts and locally made foods and sweet treats.

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PolArt: Traditional Polish Folk Art and Crafts

Located in Market Square in Old Town Warsaw, PolArt is a good option for those searching for Polish pottery, hand-decorated Easter eggs, or carved wooden folk art.

PolArt is, at first, a family stationery store run by two generations of professional ethnographers. Its expanded stock includes sculptures, paintings, fabrics, embroidery, and folk costumes.

The shop may seem tiny, but you can easily spend an hour or more finding the perfect souvenir in the store

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Cepelia is Poland's foundation created to protect, organize, develop, and spread Polish folk art and handicrafts throughout the world. The Foundation maintains the traditional values of material handiwork, preserves the cultural identity of the nation, and has a hand in the creation of the contemporary Polish culture.

Cepelia has stores in Warsaw and throughout Poland where you can find traditional folk crafts and art pieces. 

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Abonda specializes in ceramics with a nature motif done in a modern way. Flowers and leaves can be found on many of the store's products.

The items for sale at Abonda have an organic and homespun quality, including artisanal jewelry, embroidery, and fabrics. The fabrics are then designed into tablecloths, curtains, and bed linens.

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Galeria Artis and Artis Folk

Galeria Artis and Artis Folk are two stores in Warsaw that have a variety of Polish products, from modern art pieces to traditional crafts.

If you've ever been on the It's a Small World ride at Disneyland, these handcrafted dolls in traditional costumes will look very familiar to you.

If you’re looking for a unique toy for a child or a typical souvenir reminding you of Poland, the popular brightly-colored dolls come dressed in folk costumes representing different regions of the country. You can purchase dolls with plastic or porcelain faces and the price difference is not huge between them.

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Patera has been in business for more than 40 years. The store specializes in high-quality glassware, crystal, and porcelain of Polish origin. You can find unique, modern pieces to decorate your home or stock your kitchen.

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E. Wedel Chocolate Shops

E. Wedel, formerly known as Cadbury-Wedel Polska, is a famous Polish chocolate maker with several locations in Warsaw.

Founded in 1851, Wedel is considered to be the Polish national chocolate brand and is the leading candy brand among Polish producers. In pre-war Poland, Wedel chocolates were known throughout most of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as in high-end retail stores in London and Paris.

You can sample their desserts and buy chocolate to take home with you.

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Specialty Food Shops in Warsaw

Hard candies, preserves, mushrooms, honey, and liqueurs made in Poland can be found in specialty stores throughout Poland. Two well-known and highly rated stores are Krakowski Kredens and Spizarnia. Both of them offer traditional Polish foods, including various options that travel well and would make excellent gifts for friends and family back home.

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