Is Clothing Optional at Playalinda Beach

Where are Central Florida's Nude Beaches?

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For the past 40 years, Playalinda Beach has been a popular naturist beach for nude sunbathers, both local and tourists. Bathers at this popular destination in Brevard County are still at battle with Brevard's anti-nudity ordinance that was enacted in 1995. Beachgoers argue that the Canaveral National Shoreline is a federal property and the County Sheriff has no right to enforce a local ordinance there.

Both locals and tourists still flock to the beach. Even with an occasional arrest, nude bathers continue to have a presence on the beach, posting watches in an effort to warn bathers in the event that law enforcement is approaching. You can visit the Central Florida Naturists site to find out more about the ongoing ordinance battle at Playalinda Beach.

Read about what a visitor toPlayalinda had to say regarding arrests and the overall attitude at the beach.

Still only cited as an 'unofficial nude beach', Volusia County has proven to be far more tolerant of nudity than Brevard. In an effort to become 'official', the Naturist Action Committee has been working on an agreement with the Canaveral National Seashore that will accommodate nude sunbathing at a specified area of Apollo beach. The area specified in the agreement will begin some 120 yards south of lot 5, and clothing optional recreation must be confined to this area.

For more information visit the Central Florida Naturists site. Even if an agreement is reached, there will be rules to follow.

  • You will be arrested for any activities that can be interpreted as lewd or lascivious (sexual).
  • You will be ticketed if you enter the dunes.
  • You will be ticketed if you are not parked in a designated parking area.

    Parking is limited to 29 spaces in lot 5. Additional parking is available in lot 4, which is 2 1/4 miles away.

    Apollo beach is located at the north end of Canaveral National Seashore. You can get there by driving down A1A through New Smyrna until the highway ends at the Canaveral Seashore Park. Precede to the last parking area. After you cross over the dunes, turn right. Watch for signs for clothing optional areas.

    I love to share comments provided by my readers. Here is one contributed by Errol on his experience at Playalinda Beach.

    The only arrests I've ever seen at this beach have involved public sexual activity. This is one item is enforced very quickly by both rangers and the county police.

    Most recently, three men were arrested and it's my understanding that there's a $500 fine for each person involved. In recent months, an elderly couple was arrested for engaging in sexual activity on their long term wedding anniversary but I don't know if the judge gave any consideration to the age of the couple or the fact that sexual activity for senior citizens is almost extinct and should be celebrated not fined.

    Families do attend this area of the beach with children from the very young all the way through the teen years and beyond.

    It isn't uncommon to see groups of college age people enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of "skinny dipping" that was very common across the country in days gone by.

    It is also common to see many people walking along the beach who came to see the "nudists" doing their thing. Many of these "lookers" are senior citizens who want to satisfy their curiosity. You don't have to be nude to be there, just be nice and try not to stare for too long.

    You'll also find every body shape you can imagine and nobody seems to care what anyone else looks like as once you get past the initial shock of total nudity the whole thing just becomes another day at the beach sans clothing.

    Not that it's all that important but the fishing is the best in this same area - at least I've convinced my wife that's the case!